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Le mans 48 dots race
Le mans 48 dots race by fabianruiz 208,883 plays 50p Image Quiz
Colours by kickmaster12 7,299 plays 4p Image Quiz
How fast can jou click???
How fast can jou click??? by MathematicsFreak 6,272 plays 4p Image Quiz
No Smoking
No Smoking by kickmaster12 5,940 plays 4p Image Quiz
A Lesson in Fairings, Via Honda
A Lesson in Fairings, Via Honda by Mano308gts 3,622 plays 12p Image Quiz
Click YES Fast!
Click YES Fast! by mukkarduvan 2,164 plays 5p Multiple-Choice
Numbers by anonymous21 1,924 plays 10p Image Quiz
The Easiest Game Ever!
The Easiest Game Ever! by Princessowl 1,394 plays 3p Multiple-Choice
Just Click Fast
Just Click Fast by mukkarduvan 1,084 plays 5p Multiple-Choice
Get the fastest time!
Get the fastest time! by michaelpr 1,063 plays 1p Image Quiz
Speed this Algebra
Speed this Algebra by kickmaster12 1,019 plays 3p Image Quiz
Top 10 fastest animals
Top 10 fastest animals ECby David L 965 plays 10p Image Quiz
Home by kickmaster12 902 plays 6p Image Quiz
Just Click Fast 3
Just Click Fast 3 by mukkarduvan 826 plays 5p Multiple-Choice
speed mouse
speed mouse by GarrettJurewicz 775 plays 1p Image Quiz
Just Click fast 2
Just Click fast 2 by mukkarduvan 638 plays 5p Multiple-Choice
How Ninja Are You?
How Ninja Are You? by yo my name is vince 605 plays 1p Image Quiz
Fast Quiz
Fast Quiz by James97 512 plays 4p Multiple-Choice
The Fast Dot Game
The Fast Dot Game by mukkarduvan 474 plays 9p Image Quiz
Perception - Easy
Perception - Easy by paulfunI 469 plays 15p Multiple-Choice
How Fast can u click?
How Fast can u click? by Danne34 409 plays 1p Image Quiz
Pick all dots
Pick all dots by Peceee 395 plays 2p Image Quiz
U Need To Click FAST...
U Need To Click FAST... by mukkarduvan 364 plays 5p Image Quiz
Mass Movement Flow Diagram
Mass Movement Flow Diagram by Geographonic 364 plays 12p Image Quiz
Arrows by anonymous21 356 plays 3p Image Quiz
Perception - Hard
Perception - Hard by paulfunI 269 plays 15p Multiple-Choice
Typing test
Typing test by Schwandex 268 plays 25p Type-the-Answer
Motörhead by MrT 267 plays 3p Image Quiz
Speedy Gonzales
Speedy Gonzales by paulfunI 255 plays 13p Image Quiz
ABC by anonymous21 203 plays 26p Image Quiz
How Fast Can You Click?
How Fast Can You Click? by xXBananaBeeXx 199 plays 5p Image Quiz
Hurry (Dot)
Hurry (Dot) by Jordan W 172 plays 1p Image Quiz
Perception - Medium
Perception - Medium by paulfunI 162 plays 15p Multiple-Choice
Random: 5 European Countries
Random: 5 European Countries by Mano308gts 162 plays 5p Image Quiz
Blank Screen
Blank Screen by Mano308gts 128 plays 9p Image Quiz
Funny speed quiz
Funny speed quiz by BayStash 119 plays 3p Multiple-Choice
Random: 5 Asian Countries
Random: 5 Asian Countries by Mano308gts 117 plays 5p Image Quiz
Bible Quiz
Bible Quiz by Princessowl 112 plays 6p Matching Game
Euroleague by Andriuxa92 108 plays 1p Image Quiz
Just Click Fast
Just Click Fast by Timisadumpling 106 plays 8p Shape Quiz
Five Fast Ferrari's
Five Fast Ferrari's by Mano308gts 100 plays 11p Image Quiz
Click Spinnare Fast
Click Spinnare Fast by Spindelman 89 plays 11p Image Quiz
Fast click 1
Fast click 1 by SpyYoshiRv 69 plays 0p Image Quiz
Pick all the dots!
Pick all the dots! by willdenny18 63 plays 0p Image Quiz
Tsunami's of Volcanic Origin
Tsunami's of Volcanic Origin by Geographonic 57 plays 13p Image Quiz
fastest viper ever made
fastest viper ever made by Cassie 45 plays 3p Image Quiz
Kings of Rome: Years
Kings of Rome: Years by Ray B. 45 plays 7p Matching Game
Countries of Asia (Hard)
Countries of Asia (Hard) by Daniel_S 38 plays 47p Image Quiz
Opposites by Princessowl 38 plays 24p Text Game
alberto0 by 1Astronomy 38 plays 6p Image Quiz
Ducati Superbikes
Ducati Superbikes by Mano308gts 32 plays 12p Image Quiz
World fast click
World fast click by SpyYoshiRv 26 plays 0p Image Quiz
Koenigsegg Agera in Pig Latin
Koenigsegg Agera in Pig Latin by Mano308gts 26 plays 9p Image Quiz
Heart of Europe Map Quiz
Heart of Europe Map Quiz by strider736 22 plays 12p Image Quiz
Dutch public television channels
Dutch public television channels by Bokmal 20 plays 3p Shape Quiz

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Games tagged 'Chemistry'

Cave Elements Quiz
Cave Elements Quiz14p Image Quiz
Elements: Gold
Elements: Gold16p Image Quiz
Elements: Thorium
Elements: Thorium17p Image Quiz
Elements: Argon
Elements: Argon16p Image Quiz
Elements: Radon
Elements: Radon17p Image Quiz
IB-Chem10p Multiple-Choice
Elements: Titanium
Elements: Titanium16p Image Quiz

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