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Cardiac Cycle Waves
Cardiac Cycle Waves by lovingmother18 13,196 plays 11p Image Quiz
ECG Artifact Types
ECG Artifact Types by lovingmother18 3,875 plays 6p Image Quiz
EKG Waveform
EKG Waveform by DHS Science 3,078 plays 6p Image Quiz
ECG Lead Placement - Part 1
ECG Lead Placement - Part 1 by bhargav1988 1,910 plays 12p Image Quiz
ECG Lead Placement - Part 3
ECG Lead Placement - Part 3 by bhargav1988 1,627 plays 6p Image Quiz
EKG: ID waves, segments, intervals
EKG: ID waves, segments, intervals by katshaw1 898 plays 13p Image Quiz
Label the EKG/ECG
Label the EKG/ECG by birdb08 732 plays 3p Image Quiz
 ECG Lead Placement - Part 2
ECG Lead Placement - Part 2 by bhargav1988 410 plays 5p Matching Game
Precordial leads- EKG
Precordial leads- EKG by samogur8 317 plays 6p Image Quiz
EKG 102 midterm review
EKG 102 midterm review by kjahns 262 plays 84p Multiple-Choice
Einthoven’s Triangle
Einthoven’s Triangle by juliboo86 181 plays 27p Image Quiz
AVB quiz
AVB quiz by kjahns 105 plays 19p Multiple-Choice
ECG/EKG Pathology
ECG/EKG Pathology by Hannah Quinn4554 50 plays 6p Image Quiz

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Elemental Trivia: Hydrogen
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