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Top 20 Richest Countries in the World
Top 20 Richest Countries in the World ECby Arturo 10,946 plays 20p Image Quiz
Zemlja i ljudi
Zemlja i ljudi by Geouciteljica 6,636 plays 12p Image Quiz
Sustainable development goals (English)
Sustainable development goals (English) by Geop. 2,277 plays 18p Image Quiz
Countries and their Current Currencies
Countries and their Current Currencies by Arturo 1,641 plays 29p Image Quiz
Spain´s economy
Spain´s economy by Mr. Espeso 1,353 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
The Primary Sector
The Primary Sector by amariliscello 919 plays 12p Multiple-Choice
The tertiary sector
The tertiary sector by Mr. Espeso 912 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
50 Largest Countries by GDP
50 Largest Countries by GDP by Ashgabat 718 plays 50p Image Quiz
Worlds Largest Companies 2008
Worlds Largest Companies 2008 by Alcyone 680 plays 10p Image Quiz
The Primary Sector
The Primary Sector by Mr. Espeso 671 plays 16p Multiple-Choice
Bugs That Bug Us...
Bugs That Bug Us... by OLY 576 plays 11p Image Quiz
Most Corrupt Countries in the World
Most Corrupt Countries in the World by Arturo 461 plays 26p Image Quiz
Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development by Sunny1 454 plays 7p Image Quiz
The World's Best Countries
The World's Best Countries ECby acLiLtocLiMB 382 plays 20p Image Quiz
2016 Presidential Debate #1
2016 Presidential Debate #1 by BQQKS 379 plays 5p Multiple-Choice
APEC Member Countries
APEC Member Countries by Arturo 362 plays 21p Image Quiz
10 Largest Companies
10 Largest Companies by UP-AT123 354 plays 10p Image Quiz
Global exam. Economy
Global exam. Economy by Mr. Espeso 310 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
BRICS Countries
BRICS Countries by Geographonic 300 plays 5p Image Quiz
Buy-Buy Communism in China
Buy-Buy Communism in China by Constantia 263 plays 11p Image Quiz
Richest in world by revenues, 2000
Richest in world by revenues, 2000 by Alcyone 248 plays 19p Image Quiz
Mexico: Industry
Mexico: Industry by Geographonic 212 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Leading Motor Vehicle Producers
Leading Motor Vehicle Producers by Arturo 208 plays 25p Image Quiz
La Triade
La Triade by Poloazer 162 plays 10p Image Quiz
Maritime Zones
Maritime Zones ECby Geographonic 146 plays 6p Image Quiz
Buildings of the European Union
Buildings of the European Union by Geographonic 105 plays 12p Image Quiz
Spanish 4 Quiz Game
Spanish 4 Quiz Game by deleted account 98 plays 19p Multiple-Choice
Nobel laureates - 2016
Nobel laureates - 2016 ECby lakris 83 plays 17p Image Quiz
Peru | Order Quiz
Peru | Order Quiz by Geographonic 73 plays 16p Order Quiz
Supermarket by Puma 44 plays 36p Image Quiz
Economics Terms
Economics Terms by PrincePaladinK 8 plays 27p Text Game
Economic Vocab
Economic Vocab by TravisHiggins 8 plays 27p Text Game

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