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Donald Duck's emotions
Donald Duck's emotions by MrT 793 plays 13p Image Quiz
More Disney Characters
More Disney Characters by Messiahtool 609 plays 18p Image Quiz
Family Duck
Family Duck by froepy 390 plays 8p Image Quiz
epic duck
epic duck by DrElitePanda 377 plays 1p Image Quiz
duck hunt
duck hunt by DesertEgle 373 plays 4p Image Quiz
Top 10 Duck Countries
Top 10 Duck Countries by joc3942 359 plays 10p Image Quiz
Name the parts of Epic Duck
Name the parts of Epic Duck by bobee 357 plays 3p Image Quiz
Farm Yard Animals
Farm Yard Animals by ForrestFire99 142 plays 9p Image Quiz
Pato monísimo
Pato monísimo by Alvaro1608 126 plays 3p Shape Quiz
Disney Characters 2
Disney Characters 2 by Messiahtool 116 plays 17p Image Quiz
NAME THAT DUCK! by whalenk 108 plays 16p Image Quiz
DUCK DUCK GOOSE(Gray Duck) by Shamlock 58 plays 13p Image Quiz
Donald Duck Illustrators
Donald Duck Illustrators by Messiahtool 55 plays 14p Image Quiz
THE DUCK! by Marcos :) 53 plays 1p Shape Quiz
El pato Pepe en patinete
El pato Pepe en patinete by Alvaro1608 40 plays 6p Shape Quiz
DUCK by BayStash 36 plays 1p Multiple-Choice
Bird Watching 13
Bird Watching 13 by Geographonic 6 plays 16p Image Quiz

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Ethiopia Regions
Ethiopia Regions11p Image Quiz
Capitals of Southern Africa
Capitals of Southern Africa5p Multiple-Choice
South Africa Map Quiz
South Africa Map Quiz20p Image Quiz
Countries of Africa
Countries of Africa49p Image Quiz
East africa quiz
East africa quiz10p Image Quiz