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50 States
50 States by chris12w 35,478 plays 47p Image Quiz
Western States of the U.S.A
Western States of the U.S.A by cakeskatie 1,327 plays 13p Image Quiz
How many dots can you press?
How many dots can you press? by XeNo 1,132 plays 1p Image Quiz
Click the house! (Easy)
Click the house! (Easy) by mechanic21 1,002 plays 1p Image Quiz
Twenty Four
Twenty Four by CRAZY DAVE 970 plays 24p Image Quiz
Click the world! (Easy)
Click the world! (Easy) by mechanic21 670 plays 1p Shape Quiz
Twenty Two
Twenty Two by CRAZY DAVE 637 plays 22p Image Quiz
Pick all dots
Pick all dots by Peceee 633 plays 2p Image Quiz
Twenty Three
Twenty Three by CRAZY DAVE 605 plays 23p Image Quiz
Twenty Six
Twenty Six by CRAZY DAVE 429 plays 26p Image Quiz
Thirty Three Stars
Thirty Three Stars by CRAZY DAVE 427 plays 33p Image Quiz
Thirty Five
Thirty Five by CRAZY DAVE 425 plays 35p Image Quiz
Thirty One
Thirty One by CRAZY DAVE 417 plays 31p Image Quiz
Twenty Seven
Twenty Seven by CRAZY DAVE 412 plays 27p Image Quiz
Thirty two
Thirty two by CRAZY DAVE 385 plays 32p Image Quiz
Thirty Four Stars
Thirty Four Stars by CRAZY DAVE 378 plays 34p Image Quiz
Twenty Eight
Twenty Eight by CRAZY DAVE 375 plays 28p Image Quiz
Twenty Nine
Twenty Nine by CRAZY DAVE 370 plays 29p Image Quiz
Twenty Five
Twenty Five by CRAZY DAVE 370 plays 25p Image Quiz
Thirty by CRAZY DAVE 368 plays 30p Image Quiz
Croatian airports
Croatian airports by Patricija Velecki 366 plays 9p Image Quiz
Press the Dots (easy)
Press the Dots (easy) by Elise Velez 275 plays 4p Image Quiz
Apple Cultivars
Apple Cultivars ECby Thalion96 235 plays 8p Image Quiz
20 Biggest American Cities
20 Biggest American Cities by GamesGamesGames 208 plays 19p Image Quiz
Landforms and Bodies of Water
Landforms and Bodies of Water by ArabAwakening 179 plays 53p Image Quiz
Spot the Dots
Spot the Dots by Grainbeer 144 plays 5p Image Quiz
Math Pop Quiz! (Easy)
Math Pop Quiz! (Easy) by mechanic21 138 plays 8p Type-the-Answer
Spot the Dots - Easy Version
Spot the Dots - Easy Version by Grainbeer 113 plays 5p Image Quiz
Wonders of the World
Wonders of the World by Thalion96 85 plays 19p Multiple-Choice
Less courtres of Europe
Less courtres of Europe by becsss 78 plays 26p Image Quiz
The 60 Cities Challenge
The 60 Cities Challenge by tomybrazilian 74 plays 62p Image Quiz
Extinct Megafauna
Extinct Megafauna ECby Thalion96 66 plays 28p Image Quiz
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! by wazeld 55 plays 82p Image Quiz
dot game
dot game by hollywood88801 53 plays 5p Image Quiz
yolo dot finder
yolo dot finder by IRK721 49 plays 1p Image Quiz
The Highest Statues in the World
The Highest Statues in the World by Thalion96 49 plays 21p Image Quiz
Press the Dots(medium)
Press the Dots(medium) by Elise Velez 48 plays 8p Image Quiz
Press the Dots(hard)
Press the Dots(hard) by Elise Velez 41 plays 16p Image Quiz
Dots Are Fun
Dots Are Fun by gWyN 22 plays 13p Image Quiz
102 dalmatians
102 dalmatians by evansd2 13 plays 99p Image Quiz
Antartica's Ice Shelves
Antartica's Ice Shelves by tardigrade 6 plays 12p Image Quiz
When Dots Attack II
When Dots Attack II by lizzie1328 3 plays 133p Image Quiz

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Today 2 December
Today 2 December14p Image Quiz
Today 27 January
Today 27 January16p Image Quiz
Today 20 September
Today 20 September16p Image Quiz
Today 11 August
Today 11 August16p Image Quiz
Today 17 July
Today 17 July16p Image Quiz
Today 20 January
Today 20 January14p Image Quiz
Today 12 January
Today 12 January14p Image Quiz
Today 4 November
Today 4 November14p Image Quiz
Today 27 March
Today 27 March16p Image Quiz

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