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German State Capitals
German State Capitals by kcoutlaw 106,384 plays 16p Image Quiz
German States / Bundesländer
German States / Bundesländer by kcoutlaw 46,076 plays 16p Image Quiz
Nachbarländer Deutschlands
Nachbarländer Deutschlands by erwin 24,553 plays 9p Image Quiz
Bundeslaender by crullmeis 14,625 plays 16p Image Quiz
German Army and Air Force Ranks
German Army and Air Force Ranks by FS 9,223 plays 29p Image Quiz
The capitals of Germany
The capitals of Germany by Fibonacci92 6,009 plays 15p Image Quiz
German Navy Ranks
German Navy Ranks by FS 2,443 plays 30p Image Quiz
deutschsprachige Länder
deutschsprachige Länder by vrusu 1,642 plays 15p Image Quiz
Rivers in Germany
Rivers in Germany by Niklas 1,471 plays 22p Image Quiz
die deutschen Bundesländer
die deutschen Bundesländer by Herrweiss 1,151 plays 16p Shape Quiz
Countries surrounding Germany
Countries surrounding Germany by Math Whiz 1,088 plays 10p Image Quiz
Flags of the Federal Republic of Germany
Flags of the Federal Republic of Germany by FS 976 plays 6p Image Quiz
German Mountains
German Mountains by FS 958 plays 23p Image Quiz
German Presidents
German Presidents by FS 944 plays 9p Image Quiz
History of modern Germany
History of modern Germany by FS 899 plays 18p Image Quiz
German Vocabulary Game
German Vocabulary Game by Lemona 790 plays 29p Multiple-Choice
Flags of German states
Flags of German states by FS 776 plays 16p Image Quiz
Where's Germany?
Where's Germany? by paulfunI 713 plays 15p Image Quiz
German Air Force Aircraft
German Air Force Aircraft by FS 658 plays 10p Image Quiz
Wappen aus Deutschland
Wappen aus Deutschland by kcoutlaw 563 plays 16p Image Quiz
Germany's five biggest cities
Germany's five biggest cities by paulfunI 448 plays 10p Image Quiz
German Army Beret Badges
German Army Beret Badges by FS 420 plays 24p Image Quiz
Sehenswürdigkeiten in Deutschland
Sehenswürdigkeiten in Deutschland by vrusu 414 plays 10p Image Quiz
German Police Ranks
German Police Ranks by FS 383 plays 15p Image Quiz
Presidents and Chancellors of Germany
Presidents and Chancellors of Germany by FS 339 plays 17p Image Quiz
Bayern by Niklas 327 plays 24p Image Quiz
Hauptstadtspiel by Frau Knoy 323 plays 16p Image Quiz
Berlin & Brandenburg
Berlin & Brandenburg by Niklas 311 plays 12p Image Quiz
Sachsen & Sachsen-Anhalt
Sachsen & Sachsen-Anhalt by Niklas 303 plays 14p Image Quiz
Baden-Württemberg by Niklas 263 plays 19p Image Quiz
German Ministers of Defence
German Ministers of Defence by FS 256 plays 14p Image Quiz
Das schnellste Deutschlandquiz
Das schnellste Deutschlandquiz by GurSim 254 plays 1p Multiple-Choice

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