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Let's Count to 20 in German!
Let's Count to 20 in German! by kcoutlaw 77,748 plays 20p Image Quiz
German States / Bundesländer
German States / Bundesländer by kcoutlaw 49,858 plays 16p Image Quiz
Telling Time in German
Telling Time in German by kcoutlaw 40,531 plays 10p Image Quiz
Das Wohnzimmer / The Living Room
Das Wohnzimmer / The Living Room by kcoutlaw 30,049 plays 19p Image Quiz
Afrikas Länder
Afrikas Länder by Lama 17,722 plays 49p Image Quiz
Conjugating "sein" in German by kcoutlaw 16,556 plays 10p Image Quiz
Das Badezimmer / The Bathroom
Das Badezimmer / The Bathroom by kcoutlaw 9,323 plays 25p Image Quiz
Das Wetter
Das Wetter by frautrav 9,056 plays 6p Image Quiz
German Furniture
German Furniture by kcoutlaw 7,298 plays 20p Image Quiz
German Furniture (Vocabulary)
German Furniture (Vocabulary) by equestenebrarum 5,882 plays 28p Image Quiz
German Numbers / Zahlen auf Deutsch II
German Numbers / Zahlen auf Deutsch II by kcoutlaw 5,621 plays 24p Image Quiz
Animals in German IV
Animals in German IV by SharifProvoste 4,541 plays 15p Image Quiz
Leisure Time in German / Freizeit
Leisure Time in German / Freizeit by kcoutlaw 3,774 plays 19p Image Quiz
Die Farben
Die Farben by frautrav 2,395 plays 8p Image Quiz
Deutsche Adjektive
Deutsche Adjektive by vrusu 1,882 plays 11p Matching Game
German Preposition Quiz
German Preposition Quiz by stout49 1,320 plays 13p Image Quiz
Europas Länder
Europas Länder by Lama 979 plays 40p Image Quiz
Die Kleidung
Die Kleidung by Hegyeklanya 964 plays 30p Image Quiz
German Modal Auxiliary Verbs
German Modal Auxiliary Verbs by stout49 863 plays 6p Image Quiz
Tabelle Länder und mehr
Tabelle Länder und mehr by vrusu 849 plays 8p Matching Game
Die Schulfächer
Die Schulfächer by frautrav 835 plays 5p Image Quiz
German Vocabulary Game
German Vocabulary Game by Lemona 827 plays 29p Multiple-Choice
Schulsachen by frautrav 799 plays 6p Image Quiz
Donauländer by vrusu 766 plays 10p Image Quiz
Verkehrsmittel by Math Whiz 703 plays 16p Image Quiz
Vokabeln - Kapitel Eins
Vokabeln - Kapitel Eins by kcoutlaw 687 plays 19p Image Quiz
Länder Europas
Länder Europas by Diego77 638 plays 43p Image Quiz
Das Ohr
Das Ohr by Niklas 596 plays 11p Image Quiz
Wappen aus Deutschland
Wappen aus Deutschland by kcoutlaw 567 plays 16p Image Quiz
Fragen by vrusu 551 plays 12p Text Game
Krankheiten by mateuszbaryla 548 plays 10p Image Quiz
Learn Basic German
Learn Basic German by Shadow​ 495 plays 14p Shape Quiz
Sehenswürdigkeiten in Deutschland
Sehenswürdigkeiten in Deutschland by vrusu 476 plays 10p Image Quiz
Deutsche Erfindungen
Deutsche Erfindungen by vrusu 447 plays 16p Image Quiz
Die Länder Europas
Die Länder Europas by sonjafrau 438 plays 47p Image Quiz
German Furniture in Color
German Furniture in Color by kcoutlaw 434 plays 35p Image Quiz
zu Hause helfen
zu Hause helfen by frautrav 427 plays 8p Image Quiz
die europäischen Länder
die europäischen Länder by Herrweiss 422 plays 45p Image Quiz
Animals in German II
Animals in German II ECby SharifProvoste 340 plays 15p Image Quiz
Eigenschaften by Hegyeklanya 331 plays 29p Image Quiz
German Plural
German Plural by SharifProvoste 326 plays 11p Image Quiz
Die Olympischen Winterspiele
Die Olympischen Winterspiele by kcoutlaw 326 plays 15p Image Quiz
German Substantives
German Substantives by Hegyeklanya 308 plays 59p Image Quiz
Die Monate
Die Monate by frautrav 302 plays 12p Image Quiz
Animals of the Black Forest
Animals of the Black Forest ECby Geographonic 270 plays 13p Image Quiz
Frage und Antwort
Frage und Antwort by vrusu 262 plays 14p Matching Game
FIFA-Fußball-WM Finalstadien
FIFA-Fußball-WM Finalstadien by GurSim 260 plays 21p Text Game
UEFA EURO 2008 FLAGGEN by MJ23 248 plays 16p Image Quiz
Schulfächer 2
Schulfächer 2 by frautrav 247 plays 6p Image Quiz
Animals in German V
Animals in German V by SharifProvoste 215 plays 15p Image Quiz
Német szavak 1
Német szavak 1 by derfahrer 210 plays 39p Image Quiz
English-German Vocabulary
English-German Vocabulary by kcoutlaw 209 plays 26p Image Quiz
Land und Sprache
Land und Sprache by vrusu 208 plays 11p Matching Game

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