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Xray Films
Xray Films by Neamah 1,253 plays 16p Image Quiz
Cranial Nerves
Cranial Nerves by dntst 703 plays 14p Image Quiz
Horse Dentition - MULTIPLE CHOICE
Horse Dentition - MULTIPLE CHOICE by Alexisthebest 617 plays 12p Multiple-Choice
Dental Specialties
Dental Specialties by hstewart2015 612 plays 9p Matching Game
Periodontal Ligaments
Periodontal Ligaments by dntst 564 plays 6p Image Quiz
Caries pathway
Caries pathway by dntst 550 plays 6p Image Quiz
Pano xINFINITY by dntst 525 plays 20p Image Quiz
Deciduous Teeth Lettering
Deciduous Teeth Lettering by eworley9 486 plays 24p Image Quiz
gingival fiber groupz
gingival fiber groupz by dntst 384 plays 4p Image Quiz
Antibiotic structures
Antibiotic structures by dntst 380 plays 8p Image Quiz
Nerve Blocks ptI
Nerve Blocks ptI by dntst 336 plays 4p Image Quiz
Horse teeth problems
Horse teeth problems by Alexisthebest 314 plays 10p Image Quiz
Age of Teeth Emergence
Age of Teeth Emergence by gho 302 plays 26p Image Quiz
Primary Tooth Naming Chart
Primary Tooth Naming Chart by Maddie Durham 287 plays 20p Image Quiz
Dopamine Reward Pathway
Dopamine Reward Pathway by dntst 235 plays 3p Image Quiz
Antibodiez by dntst 209 plays 4p Image Quiz
Antibiotic MOA (continuedz)
Antibiotic MOA (continuedz) by dntst 191 plays 10p Image Quiz
Intro to teeth
Intro to teeth by Neamah 155 plays 16p Image Quiz
Renal corpuscle Histology
Renal corpuscle Histology by dntst 87 plays 13p Image Quiz
Dental locationz/ descriptions
Dental locationz/ descriptions by dntst 63 plays 6p Image Quiz
Antibiotic MOA
Antibiotic MOA by dntst 57 plays 14p Image Quiz
KidKnee vascularity etc
KidKnee vascularity etc by dntst 55 plays 6p Image Quiz
Renal glomerulus
Renal glomerulus by dntst 38 plays 19p Image Quiz
ATM - Cápsula
ATM - Cápsula by camilaagatha 4 plays 9p Matching Game
Teeth by akwinks 2 plays 16p Image Quiz

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