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Dental Specialties
Dental Specialties by hstewart2015 612 plays 9p Matching Game
Periodontal Ligaments
Periodontal Ligaments by dntst 564 plays 6p Image Quiz
Permanent Tooth Naming Chart
Permanent Tooth Naming Chart by Maddie Durham 428 plays 32p Image Quiz
Dental History
Dental History by hstewart2015 343 plays 16p Matching Game
Horse teeth problems
Horse teeth problems by Alexisthebest 314 plays 10p Image Quiz
Primary Tooth Naming Chart
Primary Tooth Naming Chart by Maddie Durham 287 plays 20p Image Quiz
Smile! by herte09fh 156 plays 5p Multiple-Choice
Maxillary Division
Maxillary Division by Alayjah Stewart 44 plays 8p Image Quiz
TONGUE by Alayjah Stewart 30 plays 11p Image Quiz
Mandibular Divison
Mandibular Divison by Alayjah Stewart 27 plays 7p Image Quiz
TMJ by Alayjah Stewart 23 plays 6p Image Quiz

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