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Danmark - 62 Byer
Danmark - 62 Byer by KES 72,582 plays 62p Image Quiz
Sweden Denmark And Norway
Sweden Denmark And Norway by Zahara200 8,141 plays 8p Image Quiz
Islands of Denmark
Islands of Denmark by Niklas 4,861 plays 17p Image Quiz
Cities in Denmark
Cities in Denmark by ramos 3,781 plays 58p Image Quiz
Regions of Denmark
Regions of Denmark ECby Niklas 3,745 plays 5p Image Quiz
Flags of EU
Flags of EU by Petter5 3,335 plays 25p Image Quiz
21 Most Populous Cities in Scandinavia
21 Most Populous Cities in Scandinavia by Niklas 2,897 plays 21p Image Quiz
Some Nordic cities you must know
Some Nordic cities you must know by Mr Jones 2,285 plays 10p Image Quiz
Numbers in Danish
Numbers in Danish by Niklas 1,935 plays 30p Image Quiz
Denmark Flag
Denmark Flag by Geographonic 1,504 plays 2p Shape Quiz
Tour de France winners
Tour de France winners by Geographonic 1,428 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
52 byer i Danmark
52 byer i Danmark by Joern 1,260 plays 52p Image Quiz
World Heritage Sites of Scandinavia
World Heritage Sites of Scandinavia by Niklas 1,228 plays 22p Image Quiz
Nordic Flags
Nordic Flags by KENOR 1,190 plays 8p Shape Quiz
5 Largest Cities of Denmark
5 Largest Cities of Denmark by Ashgabat 1,148 plays 5p Image Quiz
Days of the week in Danish
Days of the week in Danish ECby CRAZY DAVE 1,140 plays 7p Matching Game
Numbers 1-10 in Danish
Numbers 1-10 in Danish by CRAZY DAVE 1,069 plays 10p Matching Game
Colors in Danish
Colors in Danish by CRAZY DAVE 1,053 plays 10p Matching Game
Denmark - Tourist Attractions
Denmark - Tourist Attractions by jthventura 943 plays 15p Image Quiz
Danes, Danish, and Denmark
Danes, Danish, and Denmark by Dinosaurus4 930 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
Neighbors Of Denmark
Neighbors Of Denmark by UP-AT123 844 plays 5p Image Quiz
Regions of Denmark, 1970-2006
Regions of Denmark, 1970-2006 by Niklas 827 plays 16p Image Quiz
European Extinctions
European Extinctions ECby Geographonic 703 plays 25p Image Quiz
Frisian Islands
Frisian Islands by Niklas 677 plays 19p Image Quiz
Colours in Danish
Colours in Danish by Niklas 671 plays 11p Image Quiz
Municipalities of the Faroe Islands
Municipalities of the Faroe Islands by Jonas 644 plays 30p Image Quiz
Geography of Scandinavia
Geography of Scandinavia by Dinosaurus4 545 plays 26p Image Quiz
Greenland by tickman 517 plays 17p Image Quiz
Famous Danes
Famous Danes by Niklas 511 plays 41p Image Quiz
The Scandinaivian Flags
The Scandinaivian Flags by mukkarduvan 479 plays 5p Image Quiz
Viking Towns in Scandinavia
Viking Towns in Scandinavia by Niklas 437 plays 21p Image Quiz
Colours in Danish
Colours in Danish by Niklas 415 plays 11p Image Quiz
Byer i Skandinavia (on Norwegian)
Byer i Skandinavia (on Norwegian) by amareia 386 plays 11p Image Quiz
Denmark's three biggest cities
Denmark's three biggest cities by paulfunI 366 plays 3p Image Quiz
North Sea
North Sea by Niklas 358 plays 27p Image Quiz
Neighbors of Denmark
Neighbors of Denmark by CRAZY DAVE 349 plays 7p Image Quiz
Municipalities of Greenland
Municipalities of Greenland by a. stoner 328 plays 5p Image Quiz
Denmark horse breeds
Denmark horse breeds by Alexisthebest 317 plays 3p Shape Quiz
25 Cities of Scandinavia
25 Cities of Scandinavia by Dinosaurus4 311 plays 23p Image Quiz
Skagerrak by Niklas 310 plays 19p Image Quiz
Öresund by Niklas 298 plays 23p Image Quiz
Kattegat by Niklas 291 plays 28p Image Quiz
UNESCO World Heritage Sites Denmark
UNESCO World Heritage Sites Denmark by joc3942 291 plays 4p Image Quiz
Possessions of Denmark
Possessions of Denmark by jthventura 286 plays 16p Image Quiz
Copenhagen - Danish Names
Copenhagen - Danish Names by Niklas 283 plays 34p Image Quiz
Region-Country Borders: Denmark
Region-Country Borders: Denmark by Wentu 253 plays 3p Image Quiz
Nordjyske byer
Nordjyske byer by Frelarmi 253 plays 29p Image Quiz
Arctic Council
Arctic Council by a. stoner 252 plays 14p Image Quiz
Airports in Denmark
Airports in Denmark by Bart-man 251 plays 4p Shape Quiz
Denmark - the quiz
Denmark - the quiz by a. stoner 251 plays 9p Multiple-Choice

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