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Europas lande
Europas lande by RBC 13,927 plays 48p Image Quiz
USA's stater
USA's stater by RBC 8,695 plays 48p Image Quiz
Europas hovedstaeder
Europas hovedstaeder by RBC 2,473 plays 38p Image Quiz
Numbers in Danish
Numbers in Danish by Niklas 1,826 plays 30p Image Quiz
Days of the week in Danish
Days of the week in Danish ECby CRAZY DAVE 1,131 plays 7p Matching Game
Numbers 1-10 in Danish
Numbers 1-10 in Danish by CRAZY DAVE 1,049 plays 10p Matching Game
Colors in Danish
Colors in Danish by CRAZY DAVE 1,043 plays 10p Matching Game
Danes, Danish, and Denmark
Danes, Danish, and Denmark by Dinosaurus4 925 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
Colours in Danish
Colours in Danish by Niklas 670 plays 11p Image Quiz
Sydamerikas lande
Sydamerikas lande by RBC 587 plays 28p Image Quiz
Afrikas lande
Afrikas lande by RBC 539 plays 51p Image Quiz
Europas flag
Europas flag by RBC 502 plays 47p Image Quiz
Asiens lande
Asiens lande by RBC 494 plays 47p Image Quiz
Colours in Danish
Colours in Danish by Niklas 411 plays 11p Image Quiz
Danish Clock
Danish Clock by Niklas 301 plays 12p Image Quiz
The Goodbye Game
The Goodbye Game ECby Oneilsnh 299 plays 15p Shape Quiz
Disney Characters in Northern Europe
Disney Characters in Northern Europe by Niklas 268 plays 60p Image Quiz
Denmark horse breeds
Denmark horse breeds by Alexisthebest 241 plays 3p Shape Quiz
Min familie
Min familie by Skolestuensmateriale 217 plays 12p Multiple-Choice
IPA vowel chart, Danish
IPA vowel chart, Danish by Lingo 193 plays 27p Image Quiz
A Danish Family
A Danish Family by greatholland 192 plays 16p Image Quiz
Danish cities
Danish cities by olympen10 148 plays 66p Image Quiz
Sydamerikas hovedstaeder
Sydamerikas hovedstaeder by RBC 130 plays 29p Image Quiz
The Mother Game
The Mother Game by Oneilsnh 107 plays 10p Shape Quiz
Europa i dansk
Europa i dansk by Dinosaurus4 106 plays 48p Image Quiz
Asiens Hovedstaeder
Asiens Hovedstaeder by RBC 105 plays 45p Image Quiz
15 cities of Funen (Denmark)
15 cities of Funen (Denmark) by Kraban-Erer 103 plays 15p Image Quiz
Piet Hein - mini version
Piet Hein - mini version by paulfunI 90 plays 5p Image Quiz
Hverdagsaktiviteter by en-danes 88 plays 15p Image Quiz
Old Danish Month Names
Old Danish Month Names by Jonas­ 84 plays 12p Image Quiz
Beroemte kunstvaerker
Beroemte kunstvaerker by RBC 72 plays 12p Image Quiz
Albums Trentemøller
Albums Trentemøller by Geographonic 59 plays 12p Image Quiz
Afrikas hovedstaeder
Afrikas hovedstaeder by RBC 48 plays 51p Image Quiz
I koekkenet
I koekkenet by en-danes 45 plays 20p Image Quiz
Familien by en-danes 25 plays 21p Image Quiz
Skill test i 8.b!
Skill test i 8.b! by Camillamp 4 plays 21p Multiple-Choice

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Games tagged 'Spanish'

la comida quiz c
la comida quiz c15p Image Quiz
Spanish Commands
Spanish Commands15p Shape Quiz
Spanish main fruits
Spanish main fruits4p Image Quiz
Yo soy
Yo soy27p Multiple-Choice
Spanish Shapes Quiz
Spanish Shapes Quiz8p Image Quiz