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Currencies of the World
Currencies of the World by siandhan 1,128 plays 15p Image Quiz
Euro Currency or Not?
Euro Currency or Not? by makropulos 780 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Currencies of Europe
Currencies of Europe by frenchhorn 655 plays 25p Image Quiz
EURO Countries
EURO Countries by Arturo 613 plays 20p Image Quiz
15 Most Valued Currencies
15 Most Valued Currencies by Ashgabat 486 plays 18p Image Quiz
Currencies of the Caribbean
Currencies of the Caribbean by frenchhorn 424 plays 14p Image Quiz
Money, Money, Money
Money, Money, Money by RonaldDerGrosse 412 plays 17p Image Quiz
European currencies (2009)
European currencies (2009) by MrT 393 plays 45p Image Quiz
Currencies around the world
Currencies around the world by paulfunI 339 plays 50p Image Quiz
Previous Currencies of the EU
Previous Currencies of the EU by SharifProvoste 330 plays 17p Image Quiz
Basic Currencies
Basic Currencies by 17maimond 329 plays 4p Image Quiz
Currencies of Asia: Tier 1
Currencies of Asia: Tier 1 by vlady 328 plays 43p Image Quiz
30 Least Valued Currencies
30 Least Valued Currencies by Ashgabat 314 plays 30p Image Quiz
European Union (EU) Members
European Union (EU) Members by Rumpleteazer 312 plays 28p Matching Game
Important Currencies
Important Currencies by bostongopher 261 plays 32p Image Quiz
Currencies of Africa
Currencies of Africa by Ashgabat 148 plays 55p Image Quiz
The UK One Pound Coin
The UK One Pound Coin by tiggs 145 plays 19p Shape Quiz
The New Swedish Banknotes
The New Swedish Banknotes by Jonas 132 plays 12p Image Quiz
The New Swedish Coins
The New Swedish Coins by Jonas 125 plays 8p Shape Quiz
Currencies in Asia
Currencies in Asia by Luddii 118 plays 47p Image Quiz
East Caribbean Dollar
East Caribbean Dollar by a. stoner 107 plays 8p Image Quiz
Currencies of Asia
Currencies of Asia by Ashgabat 94 plays 51p Image Quiz
The VOC - Money
The VOC - Money by Snavelaar 75 plays 18p Image Quiz
CFA franc No More
CFA franc No More by a. stoner 40 plays 4p Image Quiz
U.S. Currency
U.S. Currency by gase456 31 plays 11p Image Quiz
Pair the currency with the country
Pair the currency with the country by ufoo 22 plays 20p Matching Game

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