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Microsoft Word Ribbons
Microsoft Word Ribbons by Profesora 140,912 plays 51p Image Quiz
Microsoft PowerPoint Ribbons
Microsoft PowerPoint Ribbons by Profesora 34,346 plays 29p Image Quiz
Microsoft Excel Ribbons
Microsoft Excel Ribbons by Profesora 34,065 plays 46p Image Quiz
Computer Basics
Computer Basics by mrD absolute 13,494 plays 11p Image Quiz
Modern Intel Motherboard Quiz
Modern Intel Motherboard Quiz by whiteorb 5,145 plays 14p Image Quiz
Modern motherboard I/O plate quiz
Modern motherboard I/O plate quiz by whiteorb 3,741 plays 14p Image Quiz
What is the formula?
What is the formula? by mrsmccollum21 2,998 plays 9p Image Quiz
Identify the computer ports
Identify the computer ports by MrPrince 2,899 plays 5p Image Quiz
Block Letter Parts
Block Letter Parts by MrsRrocks 2,076 plays 6p Image Quiz
Basic Spreadsheet Parts
Basic Spreadsheet Parts by mrsmccollum21 1,991 plays 9p Image Quiz
Fix the computer
Fix the computer by MrPrince 1,921 plays 12p Image Quiz
Excel 2013 Vocab
Excel 2013 Vocab by MichelleCobb4475 1,854 plays 12p Image Quiz
Cell Addresses
Cell Addresses by mrsmccollum21 1,333 plays 11p Image Quiz
Keyboard & Hands
Keyboard & Hands by Profesora 993 plays 73p Image Quiz
Hard Drive
Hard Drive by tickman 892 plays 9p Image Quiz
Floppy Disk
Floppy Disk by tickman 673 plays 7p Image Quiz
Evolution of Logos: Apple
Evolution of Logos: Apple by Hayden_003 562 plays 4p Shape Quiz
Parts of a Word Document
Parts of a Word Document by cincyjane 537 plays 7p Image Quiz
Computer Acronyms 101
Computer Acronyms 101 by TerryLBradshaw 519 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Programy by arrhidaios 375 plays 12p Image Quiz
What type of audio formats?
What type of audio formats? by cmontanez 356 plays 5p Image Quiz
Evolution of Computers
Evolution of Computers by mrbubbles 302 plays 4p Image Quiz
Which Computer Part
Which Computer Part by EvanThebearge 294 plays 8p Image Quiz
Ports: Back of a Computer Tower
Ports: Back of a Computer Tower by Ms. Zimmer 280 plays 8p Image Quiz
What Thinkpad is that?
What Thinkpad is that? by Ronald33 148 plays 10p Image Quiz
Historical Figures: Alan Turing
Historical Figures: Alan Turing by Rumpleteazer 144 plays 20p Image Quiz
History of Computers
History of Computers by tksnyder 138 plays 9p Image Quiz
Mother Board Test
Mother Board Test by Corin100 132 plays 11p Image Quiz
Parts of a Desktop
Parts of a Desktop by Ms. Zimmer 103 plays 9p Image Quiz
Binary Digits
Binary Digits by nightfuerygirl342 100 plays 3p Image Quiz
Types Of Computers
Types Of Computers by nightfuerygirl342 97 plays 4p Image Quiz
Database Systems I
Database Systems I by infoman 95 plays 12p Image Quiz
Parts of the Desktop
Parts of the Desktop by cincyjane 71 plays 6p Image Quiz
Double Decker
Double Decker by raunak987 69 plays 2p Multiple-Choice
Qbasic Quiz
Qbasic Quiz by Legendary FGM 62 plays 4p Multiple-Choice
Applications of Computers
Applications of Computers by spidey2003 38 plays 6p Multiple-Choice
LIVING IN A DIGITAL AGE by Cesarerivasr 38 plays 5p Text Game
COLLOCATIONS by Cesarerivasr 32 plays 7p Matching Game
INSIDE A PC SYSTEM by Cesarerivasr 32 plays 7p Text Game
Parts of IE v2
Parts of IE v2 by m-marion 30 plays 14p Image Quiz
Parts of a Computer
Parts of a Computer by Moore Trolls 24 plays 9p Image Quiz
Hot Keys
Hot Keys by Christle1990 17 plays 15p Multiple-Choice
CITMW quiz
CITMW quiz by jzerkel 12 plays 9p Multiple-Choice
Testing Your Microsoft/Apple Knowledge
Testing Your Microsoft/Apple Knowledge by Whemington 12 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
SELECTING THE RIGHT COLLOCATION by Cesarerivasr 11 plays 6p Multiple-Choice
Lesson 1-6 review_Twila Mclain
Lesson 1-6 review_Twila Mclain by twilamariee 0 plays 15p Multiple-Choice

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