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Cold War Europe
Cold War Europe ECby VTNate 4,201 plays 30p Image Quiz
Dirty Rotten Commies!
Dirty Rotten Commies! by Brainiest 1,226 plays 20p Image Quiz
Cold War
Cold War "Hot Spots" Map by kmathis 534 plays 8p Shape Quiz
End of the Romanov Dynasty
End of the Romanov Dynasty by RonaldDerGrosse 484 plays 18p Image Quiz
Flags of Historic Red Republics
Flags of Historic Red Republics by Lilili 385 plays 39p Image Quiz
Historical Figures: Karl Marx
Historical Figures: Karl Marx by Rumpleteazer 177 plays 19p Image Quiz
Secret Police Organisations
Secret Police Organisations by Chuperca 96 plays 16p Image Quiz
DDR - Eastern Germany!
DDR - Eastern Germany! by Chuperca 92 plays 34p Image Quiz
Socialist Countries of Asia
Socialist Countries of Asia by Winkpolve 55 plays 29p Shape Quiz
Features of North Korea
Features of North Korea by Geographonic 51 plays 20p Shape Quiz
Cuba by briantravelman 33 plays 20p Image Quiz
Soviet Union and Other Countries
Soviet Union and Other Countries by adam2004 25 plays 20p Image Quiz
Former USSR countries
Former USSR countries by mrmemes 11 plays 12p Image Quiz

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Games tagged 'UK'

North West England
North West England29p Image Quiz
Top U.K. Universities
Top U.K. Universities10p Image Quiz
Neighbors Of Kent
Neighbors Of Kent5p Image Quiz
UK4p Image Quiz
UK Seaside Towns
UK Seaside Towns25p Image Quiz

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LAS PARTES DEL CUERPO23p Type-the-Answer
The feudal system
The feudal system12p Type-the-Answer
Tiempo Presente Irregular
Tiempo Presente Irregular6p Type-the-Answer
NBA Nickname Quiz
NBA Nickname Quiz32p Type-the-Answer
3 Parts of Cell Theory
3 Parts of Cell Theory3p Type-the-Answer
retake classification quiz
retake classification quiz 11p Type-the-Answer