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Asterix (English Names)
Asterix (English Names) by Niklas 26,135 plays 13p Image Quiz
Famous Dogs
Famous Dogs ECby Niklas 5,463 plays 13p Image Quiz
Comics Quiz
Comics Quiz by Rip 2,418 plays 15p Image Quiz
Belgian comic strips
Belgian comic strips by Pannonicus 1,999 plays 13p Image Quiz
Charlie Brown's All-Stars (Peanuts)
Charlie Brown's All-Stars (Peanuts) by tickman 1,373 plays 9p Image Quiz
Where's David?
Where's David? by paulfunI 1,137 plays 10p Image Quiz
The Watchmen
The Watchmen ECby sarah 1,089 plays 6p Image Quiz
Asterix (French Names)
Asterix (French Names) by Niklas 898 plays 13p Image Quiz
Scenes from Tintin
Scenes from Tintin by Snavelaar 391 plays 22p Image Quiz
A few cartoons
A few cartoons by paulfunI 322 plays 25p Image Quiz
Asterix (Swedish Names)
Asterix (Swedish Names) by Niklas 322 plays 13p Image Quiz
10 Comic Book Villians
10 Comic Book Villians by UP-AT123 294 plays 10p Image Quiz
Spider-Man's Rogues Gallery
Spider-Man's Rogues Gallery by seeso 269 plays 24p Image Quiz
Disney Characters in Northern Europe
Disney Characters in Northern Europe by Niklas 268 plays 60p Image Quiz
Filipino Fictional Superheroes
Filipino Fictional Superheroes by Arturo 264 plays 4p Image Quiz
Andromeda ECby Wentu 238 plays 11p Image Quiz
Man behind the mask (DC)
Man behind the mask (DC) by Milly 187 plays 15p Matching Game
Wo(man) behind the mask (Marvel)
Wo(man) behind the mask (Marvel) by Milly 183 plays 15p Matching Game
Het Grote Kuifje Boela-Matari Spel
Het Grote Kuifje Boela-Matari Spel by Snavelaar 138 plays 13p Image Quiz
Teen Titans
Teen Titans by kurtir-nakhunte 119 plays 8p Image Quiz
Batman & The Outsiders 1
Batman & The Outsiders 1 by kurtir-nakhunte 110 plays 8p Image Quiz
Josie and the Pussycats
Josie and the Pussycats by God's Girl 108 plays 8p Image Quiz
Archie Comics
Archie Comics by God's Girl 91 plays 20p Image Quiz
Your Favorite Comics Quiz
Your Favorite Comics Quiz by RonaldDerGrosse 82 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
Scott Pilgrim characters
Scott Pilgrim characters by mn17 75 plays 18p Shape Quiz
Pondus comics
Pondus comics by Grainbeer 68 plays 4p Shape Quiz
Bamse och hans vänner
Bamse och hans vänner by tyrberg 59 plays 30p Image Quiz
Wumo Humor
Wumo Humor by Grainbeer 56 plays 6p Shape Quiz
Garfield Character Descriptions
Garfield Character Descriptions by ilikepie 45 plays 5p Image Quiz
Garfield Characters
Garfield Characters by ilikepie 44 plays 6p Image Quiz
Pon and Zi (aka PonZi)
Pon and Zi (aka PonZi) by Mano308gts 42 plays 5p Image Quiz
Ctr+Alt+Del by Mano308gts 41 plays 4p Image Quiz
Characters by Decade
Characters by Decade by J. Edward Hopkins 39 plays 10p Shape Quiz
Justice Society of America
Justice Society of America by kurtir-nakhunte 37 plays 16p Image Quiz
Name The Comic Figures
Name The Comic Figures by Vidar 21 plays 29p Image Quiz
CAD-style Proposal plan
CAD-style Proposal plan by Mano308gts 17 plays 4p Image Quiz

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