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Francophone Africa
Francophone Africa ECby a. stoner 20,209 plays 29p Image Quiz
Early Naval American Governors of Guam
Early Naval American Governors of Guam by guamgirl 384 plays 24p Multiple-Choice
Colonialism by Mr. Espeso 168 plays 15p Type-the-Answer
Hong Kong
Hong Kong by a. stoner 130 plays 9p Image Quiz
Colonial Africa Map
Colonial Africa Map by albertococo 76 plays 8p Shape Quiz
Colonialism in 1945
Colonialism in 1945 by a. stoner 57 plays 36p Image Quiz
Imperialism in 1936
Imperialism in 1936 by a. stoner 56 plays 50p Image Quiz
South America in 1830
South America in 1830 by a. stoner 44 plays 13p Image Quiz

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