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External Parts of Beef Cattle
External Parts of Beef Cattle by Mingus Union FFA 10,572 plays 33p Image Quiz
External Bovine Anatomy
External Bovine Anatomy by THSAniSci 5,630 plays 29p Image Quiz
Breeds of Cattle (Domestic Cow)
Breeds of Cattle (Domestic Cow) by antonio-epc 1,603 plays 16p Image Quiz
Parts of a dairy cow
Parts of a dairy cow by DQBgamemaker 1,023 plays 44p Image Quiz
Cow digestive tract
Cow digestive tract by ButteryBiscuit 899 plays 12p Image Quiz
Top 10 Cattle Countries
Top 10 Cattle Countries by joc3942 415 plays 10p Image Quiz
Ox Skull
Ox Skull by cclinton 148 plays 26p Image Quiz
Cattle External Anatomy
Cattle External Anatomy by ButteryBiscuit 115 plays 38p Image Quiz
Domestic Animals Origin II
Domestic Animals Origin II by SharifProvoste 65 plays 17p Image Quiz
Types of cattle
Types of cattle by Sergeant Lucas 62 plays 15p Image Quiz
Cow External Anatomy
Cow External Anatomy by ButteryBiscuit 33 plays 39p Image Quiz

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