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Capitals of Eastern Africa
Capitals of Eastern Africa by Geographonic 1,138 plays 20p Multiple-Choice
Neighbors Of Burundi
Neighbors Of Burundi by UP-AT123 447 plays 4p Image Quiz
Burundi Flag
Burundi Flag by Geographonic 381 plays 4p Shape Quiz
Burundi - the quiz
Burundi - the quiz by a. stoner 367 plays 11p Multiple-Choice
Burundi, Neighbors
Burundi, Neighbors by CRAZY DAVE 331 plays 4p Image Quiz
Burundi by a. stoner 329 plays 11p Image Quiz
Flag of Burundi
Flag of Burundi by joc3942 323 plays 9p Image Quiz
Provinces Of Burundi
Provinces Of Burundi by UP-AT123 306 plays 17p Image Quiz
5 Largest Cities of Burundi
5 Largest Cities of Burundi by Ashgabat 300 plays 5p Image Quiz
Coat of Arms of Burundi
Coat of Arms of Burundi by KENOR 230 plays 4p Image Quiz
6 cities of Burundi
6 cities of Burundi by Medellin 209 plays 6p Shape Quiz
Topografie : Tanganyikameer
Topografie : Tanganyikameer by Geographonic 179 plays 30p Image Quiz
Landmarks of Bujumbura, Burundi
Landmarks of Bujumbura, Burundi by KENOR 161 plays 4p Shape Quiz
Physical Map of Burundi
Physical Map of Burundi by Geographonic 76 plays 12p Image Quiz
New Names & New Capitals
New Names & New Capitals by lakris 67 plays 8p Image Quiz
Burundi by Mikegeo 59 plays 4p Image Quiz
Burundian cities
Burundian cities by Nissonic 1 plays 12p Image Quiz

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