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Leaf and Root Structure
Leaf and Root Structure by TeachBot 164 plays 14p Multiple-Choice
Vegetation of Angola
Vegetation of Angola by tickman 144 plays 11p Image Quiz
List by arrhidaios 135 plays 9p Image Quiz
Botanical Terms
Botanical Terms by quakingaspen23 118 plays 15p Multiple-Choice
Hey, Bud!
Hey, Bud! by tickman 107 plays 15p Image Quiz
Crops by Botanical Name 2
Crops by Botanical Name 2 ECby SharifProvoste 106 plays 11p Image Quiz
Plastids by tickman 104 plays 9p Image Quiz
Buds (revised version)
Buds (revised version) by tickman 100 plays 13p Image Quiz
Labeling inner root cells
Labeling inner root cells by emmagine15 96 plays 4p Image Quiz
4 species of Magnolia
4 species of Magnolia by macrolepis 86 plays 4p Image Quiz
Plant Stem Tissue Development
Plant Stem Tissue Development ECby adivtal 85 plays 17p Image Quiz
Palms! by toddpole 81 plays 8p Image Quiz
Mushrooms shapes
Mushrooms shapes by Wentu 80 plays 21p Image Quiz
Angiosperm Families
Angiosperm Families ECby fivey 60 plays 9p Multiple-Choice
Local Flora of Eastern Kentucky Quiz
Local Flora of Eastern Kentucky Quiz by Burgman 55 plays 13p Multiple-Choice
Alternation of Generation
Alternation of Generation ECby fivey 47 plays 12p Image Quiz
Plant Phylogeny Tree
Plant Phylogeny Tree by mrrp 33 plays 27p Image Quiz
Crops by Botanical Name
Crops by Botanical Name by SharifProvoste 31 plays 11p Image Quiz
Leaf Cross-section
Leaf Cross-section by Connie G. 24 plays 11p Image Quiz
Plant Root Tissue Development
Plant Root Tissue Development by adivtal 23 plays 30p Image Quiz
Houseplants by toddpole 13 plays 32p Image Quiz
animal cell
animal cell by Sofia Spiliopoulou 10 plays 13p Image Quiz
Plant cell
Plant cell by Sofia Spiliopoulou 9 plays 12p Image Quiz
Parts of a plant
Parts of a plant by Sofia Spiliopoulou 5 plays 4p Image Quiz

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