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Napoleon in Russia
Napoleon in Russia by tickman 487 plays 14p Image Quiz
Mexican - American war
Mexican - American war by nissonic 398 plays 26p Image Quiz
Most influential battles
Most influential battles ECby Mr. Espeso 393 plays 14p Image Quiz
The Battle of Stalingrad
The Battle of Stalingrad by MrT 200 plays 25p Image Quiz
2nd Battle of El Alamein
2nd Battle of El Alamein by MrT 134 plays 28p Image Quiz
Warriors during History
Warriors during History by nikko707 118 plays 19p Image Quiz
MARS: The Great Battle Flag
MARS: The Great Battle Flag by MARS 83 plays 7p Image Quiz
Largest naval battles in history
Largest naval battles in history by Wentu 80 plays 26p Image Quiz
Famous Battles
Famous Battles by VictorV 78 plays 24p Image Quiz
Greatest battles of History
Greatest battles of History by nikko707 65 plays 20p Image Quiz
Dueling Peeps
Dueling Peeps by salamandarian 62 plays 4p Image Quiz
Mexican-American War
Mexican-American War by Ericvd 56 plays 10p Image Quiz
Big Battle in Europe
Big Battle in Europe by pikaso121 26 plays 16p Image Quiz
BATTLESHIP - Find the Enemies!
BATTLESHIP - Find the Enemies! by TheKnowerer 23 plays 29p Image Quiz
Battles in North america
Battles in North america by nissonic 18 plays 40p Image Quiz
Battles by Number of Casualties
Battles by Number of Casualties by Ashgabat 16 plays 21p Image Quiz

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