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Art-S by Alcyone 1,194 plays 9p Image Quiz
Goya. Periods
Goya. Periods by Mr. Espeso 1,190 plays 15p Shape Quiz
Duckized Famous People
Duckized Famous People ECby Jonas­ 1,152 plays 8p Image Quiz
Norman Rockwell's America
Norman Rockwell's America ECby Snavelaar 1,146 plays 8p Image Quiz
Hand weapons - Kyokushin Karate
Hand weapons - Kyokushin Karate by Vinternatt 1,066 plays 9p Image Quiz
Geometric Shapes
Geometric Shapes by acLiLtocLiMB 995 plays 14p Image Quiz
The Empire Style
The Empire Style by Mr. Espeso 992 plays 9p Shape Quiz
Pablo Picasso Masterpieces
Pablo Picasso Masterpieces by antonio-epc 938 plays 16p Image Quiz
Russian Painters (1)
Russian Painters (1) by Wentu 935 plays 5p Image Quiz
Art-M ECby Alcyone 934 plays 16p Image Quiz
Mathematical Art
Mathematical Art by tassos 920 plays 10p Image Quiz
Post-Impressionism ECby Mr. Espeso 917 plays 11p Shape Quiz
Neoclassicism by Mr. Espeso 861 plays 15p Shape Quiz
Sculptors by Alcyone 812 plays 10p Image Quiz
Art-D by Alcyone 797 plays 11p Image Quiz
Impressionism ECby Mr. Espeso 791 plays 18p Shape Quiz
More Self-Portraits
More Self-Portraits by Alcyone 782 plays 12p Image Quiz
Salvador Dali
Salvador Dali ECby Niklas 759 plays 9p Image Quiz
Lego - Art
Lego - Art by paulfunI 749 plays 11p Image Quiz
Art and the avant-garde
Art and the avant-garde by Mr. Espeso 739 plays 15p Shape Quiz
Art-I, J & K
Art-I, J & K by Alcyone 629 plays 13p Image Quiz
Art-L by Alcyone 621 plays 7p Image Quiz
Art - Masters Three
Art - Masters Three by RonaldDerGrosse 618 plays 16p Image Quiz
Animals in Aboriginal Art
Animals in Aboriginal Art ECby MrT 597 plays 16p Image Quiz
Rococo art
Rococo art by Mr. Espeso 591 plays 10p Shape Quiz
Russian Painters (3)
Russian Painters (3) by Wentu 590 plays 5p Image Quiz
Artist's Paintbrush Types
Artist's Paintbrush Types by tickman 588 plays 8p Image Quiz
Norwegian Art
Norwegian Art by Alcyone 587 plays 16p Image Quiz
Christo and Jeanne-Claude
Christo and Jeanne-Claude by paulfunI 569 plays 10p Image Quiz
Robert Capa
Robert Capa by paulfunI 560 plays 9p Image Quiz
Art-T by Alcyone 556 plays 5p Image Quiz
Art-B by Alcyone 535 plays 11p Image Quiz
One Point Perspective
One Point Perspective by cambriz 529 plays 6p Image Quiz
Belgian Painters
Belgian Painters by Constantia 509 plays 10p Image Quiz

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South America13p Image Quiz
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Benelux3p Shape Quiz
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