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15 Famous Paintings
15 Famous Paintings ECby Thomsiboms 251,895 plays 15p Image Quiz
15 Art Movements
15 Art Movements ECby Thomsiboms 238,182 plays 15p Image Quiz
French painters (XIXth century)
French painters (XIXth century) by antonio-epc 165,913 plays 15p Image Quiz
Famous Paintings
Famous Paintings by geosoccer 39,349 plays 18p Image Quiz
Elements of Art
Elements of Art ECby Alcyone 10,413 plays 7p Shape Quiz
Self Portraits
Self Portraits by Niklas 7,653 plays 18p Image Quiz
Famous Renaissance Paintings
Famous Renaissance Paintings by Alcyone 5,652 plays 15p Image Quiz
Great Women in History
Great Women in History ECby Alcyone 5,227 plays 19p Image Quiz
Gothic Cathedral. Spain
Gothic Cathedral. Spain by Mr. Espeso 5,116 plays 9p Image Quiz
Masters 1
Masters 1 ECby RonaldDerGrosse 3,899 plays 20p Image Quiz
Self Portraits
Self Portraits by Brainiest 3,453 plays 18p Image Quiz
Art Material
Art Material by acLiLtocLiMB 3,414 plays 17p Image Quiz
Romanesque church
Romanesque church by Mr. Espeso 3,235 plays 9p Image Quiz
Painters and Their Paintings
Painters and Their Paintings by Meryli 3,178 plays 11p Image Quiz
Baroque artwork
Baroque artwork by Mr. Espeso 2,751 plays 15p Shape Quiz
Surrealism Paintings
Surrealism Paintings by Alcyone 2,573 plays 9p Image Quiz
Elements of Islamic architecture
Elements of Islamic architecture by Mr. Espeso 2,514 plays 10p Shape Quiz
Pop Art  1950 - present
Pop Art 1950 - present by Snavelaar 2,303 plays 11p Image Quiz
Bauhaus 1919 - 1933
Bauhaus 1919 - 1933 by Snavelaar 2,302 plays 12p Image Quiz
Rococo and Neoclassicism
Rococo and Neoclassicism by Mr. Espeso 2,069 plays 30p Shape Quiz
Masters 2
Masters 2 ECby RonaldDerGrosse 1,975 plays 26p Image Quiz
Gothic art in Spain
Gothic art in Spain by Mr. Espeso 1,930 plays 20p Shape Quiz
Viktor M. Vasnetsov Works
Viktor M. Vasnetsov Works ECby Wentu 1,808 plays 8p Image Quiz
Label the parts of the face
Label the parts of the face by acLiLtocLiMB 1,783 plays 14p Image Quiz
The Most Expensive Paintings (2009)
The Most Expensive Paintings (2009) by Wentu 1,740 plays 7p Image Quiz
Orchestra Seating -- Easy
Orchestra Seating -- Easy ECby Nowax 1,718 plays 16p Image Quiz
Dutch painters of the Golden Age
Dutch painters of the Golden Age ECby Pannonicus 1,606 plays 9p Image Quiz
Renaissance paintings
Renaissance paintings by Alcyone 1,571 plays 17p Image Quiz
Ancient Art
Ancient Art ECby asae 1,463 plays 15p Image Quiz
American Artists
American Artists ECby makropulos 1,407 plays 17p Image Quiz
Spanish Art
Spanish Art by Peto 1,325 plays 12p Image Quiz
Famous books on City Making
Famous books on City Making by Geographonic 1,324 plays 10p Matching Game
Culture and art in the late Middle Ages
Culture and art in the late Middle Ages by Mr. Espeso 1,291 plays 10p Type-the-Answer
Latin cross plan
Latin cross plan by Mr. Espeso 1,255 plays 10p Shape Quiz
Greek Sculpture
Greek Sculpture ECby Alcyone 1,248 plays 8p Image Quiz
Art-S by Alcyone 1,194 plays 9p Image Quiz

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