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Islands of Africa (easy)
Islands of Africa (easy) by antonio-epc 173,421 plays 15p Image Quiz
Otoci i poluotoci Hrvatske (E)
Otoci i poluotoci Hrvatske (E) by geosopnica 956 plays 17p Image Quiz
Stockholm - The capital of Sweden
Stockholm - The capital of Sweden by paulfunI 454 plays 20p Image Quiz
Islands of Africa (hard)
Islands of Africa (hard) by antonio-epc 348 plays 35p Image Quiz
Åland (Finland)
Åland (Finland) by a. stoner 186 plays 11p Image Quiz
The Gilbert Islands
The Gilbert Islands by tickman 139 plays 16p Image Quiz
Archipelagos by Wentu 133 plays 88p Image Quiz
Geographic Landform Terms
Geographic Landform Terms by Geographonic 125 plays 23p Multiple-Choice
Marshall Islands
Marshall Islands by tickman 123 plays 40p Image Quiz
Stockholm Archipelago
Stockholm Archipelago by AG 105 plays 65p Image Quiz
Saint Peter and Saint Paul Islets
Saint Peter and Saint Paul Islets by paulfunI 46 plays 13p Image Quiz
Philippines - Sulu Archipelago
Philippines - Sulu Archipelago by heateh 43 plays 22p Image Quiz
Island Arc ( Matching Game )
Island Arc ( Matching Game ) by Geographonic 42 plays 17p Matching Game
Hawaiian Island Chain
Hawaiian Island Chain by Geographonic 33 plays 18p Image Quiz
Orkney, Part 2 : Islands
Orkney, Part 2 : Islands by tickman 22 plays 42p Image Quiz

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