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The Simpsons (Anime look)
The Simpsons (Anime look) by fabianruiz 4,726 plays 23p Image Quiz
The Characters of Touhou
The Characters of Touhou by melol 788 plays 55p Image Quiz
Dragonball Z Characters
Dragonball Z Characters by henrs 733 plays 17p Image Quiz
Sword Art Online Trivia
Sword Art Online Trivia by SAOfanboy92 720 plays 23p Multiple-Choice
Anime Parts
Anime Parts by CuterSky 662 plays 6p Image Quiz
10 Pokémon: English Names
10 Pokémon: English Names by Jonas­ 626 plays 10p Shape Quiz
10 Pokémon: Korean Names
10 Pokémon: Korean Names by Jonas­ 488 plays 10p Shape Quiz
Yuri on Ice (Easy)
Yuri on Ice (Easy) by hp24luver 485 plays 3p Image Quiz
Japanese Hiragana K Column
Japanese Hiragana K Column by hp24luver 469 plays 5p Image Quiz
The Kekkei Genkai Sharingan
The Kekkei Genkai Sharingan by Mano308gts 310 plays 9p Image Quiz
Tokyo Ghoul Quiz
Tokyo Ghoul Quiz by SAOfanboy92 303 plays 9p Multiple-Choice
Japanese Hiragana Vowel Column
Japanese Hiragana Vowel Column by hp24luver 237 plays 5p Image Quiz
Japanese Hiragana S Column
Japanese Hiragana S Column by hp24luver 176 plays 5p Image Quiz
vampire Knight
vampire Knight by yulyam 168 plays 3p Image Quiz
10 Biggest Cities in Japan
10 Biggest Cities in Japan by hp24luver 166 plays 10p Image Quiz
Sailor Moon Characters
Sailor Moon Characters by hp24luver 157 plays 10p Image Quiz
Japanese Hiragana H Column
Japanese Hiragana H Column by hp24luver 153 plays 5p Image Quiz
Vocaloid- Seven Deadly Sins Matching Quiz
Vocaloid- Seven Deadly Sins Matching Quiz by Vaati 147 plays 7p Matching Game
Inuyasha by loaisa 146 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
Black Butler/ Kuroshitsuji (Easy)
Black Butler/ Kuroshitsuji (Easy) by hp24luver 139 plays 4p Image Quiz
Ao No Exorcist/ Blue Exorcist
Ao No Exorcist/ Blue Exorcist by hp24luver 126 plays 10p Image Quiz
chibi naruto
chibi naruto by sky guardian 121 plays 18p Image Quiz
10 Pokémon: Japanese Names
10 Pokémon: Japanese Names by Jonas­ 116 plays 10p Shape Quiz
Japanese Hiragana T Column
Japanese Hiragana T Column by hp24luver 112 plays 5p Image Quiz
Death Note Characters
Death Note Characters by hp24luver 109 plays 6p Image Quiz
Simpsonized Pokémon
Simpsonized Pokémon by Jonas­ 108 plays 9p Image Quiz
Soul Eater Characters
Soul Eater Characters by Cavalry 101 plays 7p Image Quiz
How much do you know about Loveless?
How much do you know about Loveless? by 3mOiChi 92 plays 10p Multiple-Choice
KAGEROU PROJECT by Vaati 89 plays 15p Matching Game
Japanese Katakana Chart (Hard)
Japanese Katakana Chart (Hard) by hp24luver 87 plays 46p Image Quiz
Fairy Tail Characters
Fairy Tail Characters by hp24luver 86 plays 8p Image Quiz
Vocaloid Characters
Vocaloid Characters by Cavalry 86 plays 8p Image Quiz

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