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Greek Alphabet, capital letters
Greek Alphabet, capital letters ECby Niklas 53,416 plays 24p Image Quiz
Hangul - pronunciation
Hangul - pronunciation by Jean 46,693 plays 23p Image Quiz
The Russian Alphabet
The Russian Alphabet by bobbysmokes 32,817 plays 33p Image Quiz
French alphabet
French alphabet by Mathousalas 29,476 plays 26p Image Quiz
Greek Alphabet, small letters
Greek Alphabet, small letters ECby Niklas 11,946 plays 24p Image Quiz
Morse Code
Morse Code by MisterSamsonite 9,480 plays 44p Image Quiz
El Alfabeto Español
El Alfabeto Español ECby Oneilsnh 5,739 plays 28p Shape Quiz
el alfabeto espanol
el alfabeto espanol by Profesora 5,365 plays 30p Image Quiz
American Sign Language Alphabet
American Sign Language Alphabet ECby sergeidave 4,982 plays 26p Image Quiz
Svenska handalfabetet (STS)
Svenska handalfabetet (STS) by Jonas­ 3,321 plays 26p Shape Quiz
Greek Alphabet
Greek Alphabet by racaulk 2,572 plays 24p Image Quiz
Elder Futhark, Runic Alphabet
Elder Futhark, Runic Alphabet by Jonas­ 1,962 plays 24p Image Quiz
Phoenician alphabet
Phoenician alphabet by asae 1,769 plays 21p Image Quiz
Alfabeto arabe / arabic
Alfabeto arabe / arabic by angelsbc 1,693 plays 28p Image Quiz
The NATO alphabet
The NATO alphabet by MrT 1,619 plays 26p Multiple-Choice
Braille System
Braille System by sergeidave 1,540 plays 26p Image Quiz
Serbian Cyrillic Cursive Alphabet
Serbian Cyrillic Cursive Alphabet by Phoebeheyman 1,502 plays 30p Image Quiz
Devanagari Alphabet
Devanagari Alphabet by Shadow​ 1,414 plays 33p Shape Quiz
alfabeto en espanol
alfabeto en espanol by dejjaidali 1,303 plays 30p Image Quiz
Alphabet Soup
Alphabet Soup by famisamis 1,298 plays 30p Image Quiz
Bulgarian Alphabet
Bulgarian Alphabet by a. stoner 1,107 plays 28p Image Quiz
Maritime Signal Flags - qwerty
Maritime Signal Flags - qwerty by Snavelaar 765 plays 45p Image Quiz
KLI pIqaD, the Klingon alphabet
KLI pIqaD, the Klingon alphabet by Wentu 750 plays 36p Image Quiz
Italian Alphabet (the italian way)
Italian Alphabet (the italian way) by Wentu 636 plays 52p Image Quiz
Coptic Alphabet
Coptic Alphabet by a. stoner 568 plays 31p Image Quiz
Arabic Alphabet - Lesson 2
Arabic Alphabet - Lesson 2 by Turki 503 plays 28p Multiple-Choice
NATO Phonetic Alphabet
NATO Phonetic Alphabet by joc3942 478 plays 78p Image Quiz
the Alphabet of largest countries
the Alphabet of largest countries by Wentu 419 plays 24p Image Quiz
Futhorc Anglo-Saxon Runic Alphabet
Futhorc Anglo-Saxon Runic Alphabet by heateh 418 plays 34p Image Quiz
Aurebesh Alphabet
Aurebesh Alphabet by Geographonic 417 plays 26p Image Quiz

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