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Greek Alphabet, capital letters
Greek Alphabet, capital letters ECby Niklas 55,069 plays 24p Image Quiz
Hangul - pronunciation
Hangul - pronunciation by Jean 49,762 plays 23p Image Quiz
French alphabet
French alphabet by Mathousalas 36,672 plays 26p Image Quiz
The Russian Alphabet
The Russian Alphabet by bobbysmokes 34,294 plays 33p Image Quiz
Greek Alphabet, small letters
Greek Alphabet, small letters ECby Niklas 13,104 plays 24p Image Quiz
Morse Code
Morse Code by MisterSamsonite 12,239 plays 44p Image Quiz
Greek Alphabet
Greek Alphabet by racaulk 11,738 plays 24p Image Quiz
El Alfabeto Español
El Alfabeto Español ECby Oneilsnh 8,301 plays 28p Shape Quiz
el alfabeto espanol
el alfabeto espanol by Profesora 7,283 plays 30p Image Quiz
American Sign Language Alphabet
American Sign Language Alphabet ECby sergeidave 5,056 plays 26p Image Quiz
Svenska handalfabetet (STS)
Svenska handalfabetet (STS) by Jonas 4,004 plays 26p Shape Quiz
Elder Futhark, Runic Alphabet
Elder Futhark, Runic Alphabet by Jonas 2,529 plays 24p Image Quiz
Japanese Hiragana Vowel Column
Japanese Hiragana Vowel Column by hp24luver 2,397 plays 5p Image Quiz
Phoenician alphabet
Phoenician alphabet by asae 2,174 plays 21p Image Quiz
Braille System
Braille System by sergeidave 2,048 plays 26p Image Quiz
Alfabeto arabe / arabic
Alfabeto arabe / arabic by angelsbc 1,947 plays 28p Image Quiz
Devanagari Alphabet
Devanagari Alphabet by Shadow​ 1,856 plays 33p Shape Quiz
Bulgarian Alphabet
Bulgarian Alphabet by a. stoner 1,659 plays 28p Image Quiz
The NATO alphabet
The NATO alphabet by MrT 1,636 plays 26p Multiple-Choice
Serbian Cyrillic Cursive Alphabet
Serbian Cyrillic Cursive Alphabet by Phoebeheyman 1,591 plays 30p Image Quiz
alfabeto en espanol
alfabeto en espanol by dejjaidali 1,388 plays 30p Image Quiz
Alphabet Soup
Alphabet Soup by famisamis 1,308 plays 30p Image Quiz
Japanese Hiragana K Column
Japanese Hiragana K Column by hp24luver 1,186 plays 5p Image Quiz
Coptic Alphabet
Coptic Alphabet by a. stoner 1,091 plays 31p Image Quiz
The Semaphore Alphabet
The Semaphore Alphabet by a. stoner 884 plays 26p Image Quiz
KLI pIqaD, the Klingon alphabet
KLI pIqaD, the Klingon alphabet by Wentu 837 plays 36p Image Quiz
Maritime Signal Flags - qwerty
Maritime Signal Flags - qwerty by Snavelaar 804 plays 45p Image Quiz
Italian Alphabet (the italian way)
Italian Alphabet (the italian way) by Wentu 753 plays 52p Image Quiz
NATO Phonetic Alphabet
NATO Phonetic Alphabet by joc3942 692 plays 0p Image Quiz
The Spanish Alphabet
The Spanish Alphabet by Princessowl 633 plays 26p Shape Quiz
Japanese Hiragana S Column
Japanese Hiragana S Column by hp24luver 585 plays 5p Image Quiz
Arabic Alphabet - Lesson 2
Arabic Alphabet - Lesson 2 by Turki 537 plays 28p Multiple-Choice
Aurebesh Alphabet
Aurebesh Alphabet by Geographonic 531 plays 26p Image Quiz
NATO Phonetic Alphabet Typing
NATO Phonetic Alphabet Typing by Rumpleteazer 465 plays 26p Type-the-Answer
Futhorc Anglo-Saxon Runic Alphabet
Futhorc Anglo-Saxon Runic Alphabet by heateh 447 plays 34p Image Quiz
the Alphabet of largest countries
the Alphabet of largest countries by Wentu 436 plays 24p Image Quiz
Greek Alphabet  Matching Game
Greek Alphabet Matching Game by Geographonic 426 plays 24p Matching Game
Braille System (Advanced)
Braille System (Advanced) by sergeidave 417 plays 26p Image Quiz
Russian Alphabet Handwritten
Russian Alphabet Handwritten by a. stoner 409 plays 33p Image Quiz
Greek Letter Names
Greek Letter Names by darknigh 394 plays 24p Image Quiz
International flag alphabet
International flag alphabet ECby eneroth3 381 plays 26p Image Quiz
the Alphabet of the Longest rivers
the Alphabet of the Longest rivers by Wentu 378 plays 25p Image Quiz
Japanese Hiragana Chart (Hard)
Japanese Hiragana Chart (Hard) by hp24luver 356 plays 46p Image Quiz
Telephone Alphabet: Swedish
Telephone Alphabet: Swedish by Snavelaar 356 plays 30p Multiple-Choice
The English alphabet
The English alphabet by danrules 352 plays 26p Image Quiz
the Alphabet of the largest Islands
the Alphabet of the largest Islands by Wentu 330 plays 26p Image Quiz
Hieroglyphic Soup
Hieroglyphic Soup by famisamis 329 plays 31p Image Quiz
USA States in Alphabetical Order
USA States in Alphabetical Order by hp24luver 317 plays 50p Type-the-Answer

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