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  1. Colours in German

    Colours in German

    by Niklas
    Played 111,161 times
  2. German State Capitals

    German State Capitals

    Played 90,907 times
  3. Let's Count to 20 in German!

    Let's Count to 20 in German!

    Played 54,919 times
  4. German States / Bundesländer

    German States / Bundesländer

    Played 33,428 times
  5. German rooms in a house

    German rooms in a house

    Played 24,748 times
  6. Telling Time in German

    Telling Time in German

    Played 24,413 times
  7. German Body Parts

    German Body Parts

    Played 20,012 times
  8. German Numbers / Zahlen auf Deutsch
  9. Deutsche Verben (German Verbs)
  10. Colors in German

    Colors in German

    Played 12,644 times
  11. Giving Directions in German

    Giving Directions in German

    Played 12,382 times
  12. Capitals of German States

    Capitals of German States

    Played 10,377 times
  13. It's German Time Again!

    It's German Time Again!

    Played 10,076 times
  14. Conjugating

    Conjugating "sein" in German

    Played 9,307 times
  15. German Army and Air Force Ranks

    German Army and Air Force Ranks

    by FS
    Played 9,067 times
  16. German Head

    German Head

    Played 7,895 times
  17. German Perfect Tense

    German Perfect Tense

    by joolz47
    Played 7,561 times
  18. The Top 20 German Verbs, (revised - fixed typo)
  19. German Foods / Gehen wir einkaufen!
  20. German Numbers

    German Numbers

    Played 6,879 times
  21. German Vocabulary - Simple Verbs
  22. Am Strand (German)

    Am Strand (German)

    Played 6,468 times
  23. German Furniture

    German Furniture

    Played 5,745 times
  24. German numbers 1-20

    German numbers 1-20

    by Colm H
    Played 5,388 times
  25. Desserts in German

    Desserts in German

    Played 5,127 times
  26. German Furniture (Vocabulary)
  27. Numbers in German (0-20)

    Numbers in German (0-20)

    by brw2100
    Played 4,601 times
  28. German Prepositions

    German Prepositions

    Played 4,214 times
  29. German Numbers / Zahlen auf Deutsch II
  30. Let's Spell German Numbers !

    Let's Spell German Numbers !

    Played 3,834 times
  31. German Animals

    German Animals

    Played 3,645 times
  32. German, English ans Scandinavian cities
  33. Count to twelve in German

    Count to twelve in German

    Played 3,308 times
  34. German Road Signs

    German Road Signs

    by Niklas
    Played 3,300 times
  35. Days of the Week in German

    Days of the Week in German

    Played 3,077 times
  36. German Question Words

    German Question Words

    Played 3,048 times
  37. German cities and physical features
  38. German Territorial Losses 1919-1945
  39. German Hand

    German Hand

    Played 2,780 times
  40. German Names 1

    German Names 1

    Played 2,768 times
  41. Leisure Time in German / Freizeit
  42. German Greetings

    German Greetings

    Played 2,745 times
  43. A German Family

    A German Family

    Played 2,612 times
  44. German Names for School Subjects
  45. German Navy Ranks

    German Navy Ranks

    by FS
    Played 2,416 times
  46. German Table Settings

    German Table Settings

    Played 2,376 times
  47. German Military Commanders of WWII
  48. The German Colonial Empire

    The German Colonial Empire

    Played 2,303 times
  49. German Verbs: haben - Present Tense
  50. 96Oliver German flag

    96Oliver German flag

    Played 2,014 times
  51. German personal pronoun test

    German personal pronoun test

    by stout49
    Played 1,961 times
  52. What's the German Word for Office?
  53. German Numbers from 1-10

    German Numbers from 1-10

    Played 1,904 times
  54. At a German Table / Mahlzeit!

    At a German Table / Mahlzeit!

    Played 1,892 times
  55. European Union Countries (in German)
  56. German members of the family

    German members of the family

    Played 1,748 times
  57. German Places in Town

    German Places in Town

    Played 1,697 times
  58. Daily Routine Items in German
  59. German Opposites Revised Part 1
  60. German Daily Routine

    German Daily Routine

    Played 1,602 times