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Historical Figures: Roald Amundsenby Rumpleteazer14
US Presidents Matchingby Rumpleteazer57
Historical Figures: Alfred Nobelby Rumpleteazer12
European Heads of State as of June 2007by RonaldDerGrosse1
World Leaders 2010 (Pop Art version)by antonio-epc4
Small facesby paulfunI1
Hillary & Donaldby CRAZY DAVE5
Sir Winston Churchill - Timelineby Niklas1
You Can't Fool Meby RonaldDerGrosse1
10 Worst Dictatorsby UP-AT1231
Albums David Bowieby Geographonic3
US Presidents - Place the Date with the Nameby MisterSamsonite1
Dried Fruitby Pitschnass111
10 Most Powerful Celebrities (2010)by UP-AT1237
Female Heads of State (revised)by Niklas1
Albums Bob Dylanby Geographonic7
Presidential Candidates 2008by Ronald331
Famous Norwegiansby Niklas1
Historical Figures: Theodore Rooseveltby Rumpleteazer1
Feministsby Niklas1
Great Women in Historyby Alcyone4
A Face As Stone - Giant Rock Statuesby Constantia1
Parts of the body - 1by GabyHuerta4
Roaring 20sby Brainiest1
Shared Birthdays 20 Octoberby Rumpleteazer20
$$How Well Do You Know Your Money?$$by lauraleighp5
Keep your hat onby Constantia1
U.S. Supreme Court Justices 2010by UP-AT1231
Famous people, cats and dogsby paulfunI2
Leaders of Chinaby Niklas1
10 Influential Womenby UP-AT1231
Women in Middle East countriesby Geographonic1
US Presidents - Place the Name with the Dateby MisterSamsonite8
Herbs and Spicesby Pitschnass111
10 Best US Presidentsby UP-AT1231
Albums Madonnaby Geographonic9
Top 25 Greatest Peopleby Rumpleteazer2
The 2008 Candidates - Democrat or Republican?by Ronald331
Presidents of the U.S. (Modern Period)by Dal2
Important People of Montanaby ktreenbean136