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Animated Movies - The Many Adventures of WTPby Milly25
American Actors: James Stewartby Rumpleteazer11
Top Films: Once Upon a Time in Americaby Rumpleteazer2
Top Films: Toy Storyby Rumpleteazer8
Top Films: The Lion Kingby Rumpleteazer7
Top 25 Cartoon Charactersby Rumpleteazer9
Cinema History: 1972by Rumpleteazer1
Top Films: Monsters, Inc.by Rumpleteazer5
Cinema History: 1986by Rumpleteazer1
George C. Scott Movies 243by CRAZY DAVE1
Colin Firth Movies 268by CRAZY DAVE1
Raquel Welch Movies 280by CRAZY DAVE1
Animated Movies - Madagascarby Milly1
Hugh Grant Movies 17by CRAZY DAVE1
Animated Movies - Big Hero 6by Milly2
Bing Crosby Movies 52 by CRAZY DAVE1
John Cleese Movies 141by CRAZY DAVE2
Ray Winstone Movies 173by CRAZY DAVE2
Kisses on the moviescreenby Constantia1
What's Playing - Iconic Movie Postersby Constantia1
Dennis Hopper Movies 251by CRAZY DAVE1
Danny Trejo Movies 276by CRAZY DAVE1
John Travolta Movies 25by CRAZY DAVE1
star wars actorsby LauraLeiaSolo2
Matt Damon Movies 61by CRAZY DAVE1
Steve Buscemi Movies 154by CRAZY DAVE1
Horror Moviesby King Attz676
Top Films: The Shawshank Redemptionby Rumpleteazer635
Ben Kingsley Movies 259by CRAZY DAVE1
Jim Belushi Movies 287by CRAZY DAVE1
Anthony Hopkins Movies 7by CRAZY DAVE1
Pinocchio in frenchby ollipo1
Dirk Bogarde Movies 38by CRAZY DAVE2
Sandra Bullock Movies 133by CRAZY DAVE1
Lee Remick Movies 163by CRAZY DAVE1
Robots on the moviescreenby Constantia1
War Movies IIby MrT1
Jodie Foster's Academy Award nominated rolesby Medellin1
Book to Movie/TV adaptations (2)by Milly4
Robert Downey Jr Movies 78by CRAZY DAVE1