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Detectives in Literatureby Milly1
Who wrote it?(1)by Milly1
British Female Writers 19th Centuryby Rumpleteazer1
Who wrote it?(8)by Milly1
Detectives in Literatureby Niklas1
Famous Women Writers from Historyby Pannonicus1
Famous books on City Makingby Geographonic1
Maeve Binchy Booksby CRAZY DAVE1
Жінки-письменниціby lina19681
Emile Zola vs Mark Twainby ollipo1
French and Francophone Writers (born before 1890)by antonio-epc4
Some Fiction Authors & Their Most Famous Worksby djskilled 31
Roald Dahl Booksby CRAZY DAVE1
Asterix vs Tintinby ollipo1
Kenneth Grahame Booksby CRAZY DAVE1
Russian-language writersby antonio-epc3
UK Poet Laureates Part 2by Rumpleteazer1
Authors 1by CRAZY DAVE1
Creative bookends quizby Grainbeer1
Albums Astérix 1961/70by ollipo1
Who Wrote it? (14)by Milly4
YA books: Authors of the original seriesby Milly3
British Male Writers 19th Centuryby Rumpleteazer1
Who wrote it?(6)by Milly1
Diary of Anne Frank characters / descriptionsby MstrRichards1
Great Books of Literature 1by RonaldDerGrosse1
Tintin's Booksby emili1
Missing Colours in Booksby Rumpleteazer1
James Joyce Booksby CRAZY DAVE1
The Trojan Horseby HillaryNixon1
Voltaire vs Jonathan Swiftby ollipo1
French and Francophone Writers 1 (born after 1890)by antonio-epc1
Great Books 1by blartyfast1
Historical Figures: William Shakespeareby Rumpleteazer1
James Patterson Booksby CRAZY DAVE1
Jules Verne vs H.G. Wellsby ollipo1
National Geographic Epic Coversby El Sharif1
Jacqueline Wilson Booksby CRAZY DAVE1