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25 Cities of Japanby David1
24 Deserts of the worldby Doffa1
Cities, Peaks and Passes of the Alpsby Doffa1
Cyprusby Diphtheria1
35 Most Populous Countries of the Worldby Doffa1
Major Rivers and Tributaries of North Americaby Doffa1
25 cities, towns and villages of Icelandby asae1
England's Ceremonial Countiesby Thomsiboms1
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The Largest Islands of the Worldby Doffa1
The Capitals of the Caribbean Islandsby Niklas1
Geography of the Great Lakesby Doffa1
Regions of Scotlandby Niklas1
Cities of New Englandby Doffa1
Japanese Weaponsby Rip1
London Boroughsby UKSubversive1
Central London Tubeby vinbrendel1
African Flags part 1 (North)by Thomsiboms1
Cities of Afghanistan and Pakistanby Doffa1
World's Longest Riversby tickman1
World's Largest Rivers (Discharge)by tickman1
Different Types of Ships from Historyby Dal1
Sightseeing the USby Doffa1
New Jersey Countiesby cfranslau1
Counties (Län) of Swedenby Niklas1
New Hampshire Countiesby livefreeordie1
Eastern Europe by Flag, Capital and Countryby Dal1
South America by Flag, Capital and Countryby Dal1
Mississippi River, Citiesby Niklas1
Multilingual Castle (Spanish, Portuguese, French, English)by Peto1
East Africa by Flag, Capital and Countryby Dal1
44 Cities in Italyby Niklas1
41 Cities in Spainby Niklas1
Spainby Peto1
Locations of political assassinationsby MrT1
(Alphabetically) Neighboring Statesby tickman1
Montana Countiesby ron tag1
Food from around the worldby jthventura1
Massachusetts Countiesby slaaty1
Världens länder (Swedish)by Oliver1