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Disney - Charactersby timpat28
Austrian Actors: Arnold Schwarzeneggerby Rumpleteazer8
Animated Movies - Cinderellaby Milly18
Film Connections 9by Rumpleteazer3
John Travolta Movies 25by CRAZY DAVE8
Kevin Spacey Movies 75by CRAZY DAVE4
Top Films: Yojimboby Rumpleteazer2
Adam Sandler Movies 65by CRAZY DAVE2
Dennis Quaid Movies 97by CRAZY DAVE2
First 5 Movies Made by Disneyby ktreenbean131
Disney Movies from 1953 - 1955by ktreenbean131
Top Films: LOTR: The Return of the Kingby Rumpleteazer1
Top Films: The Stingby Rumpleteazer1
Norman Wisdom Movies 297by CRAZY DAVE1
Steven Spielberg Filmography (15 selected films)by antonio-epc2,323
John Hurt Movies 198by CRAZY DAVE3
Acteurs fran├žais 2by ollipo1
Richard Attenborough Movies 225by CRAZY DAVE1
Peter Pan in frenchby ollipo3
Richard Gere Movies 73by CRAZY DAVE4
Film Awardsby emili1
Andy Garcia Movies 105by CRAZY DAVE1
Top Films: The Terminatorby Rumpleteazer1
Top Films: Star Wars (IV) A New Hopeby Rumpleteazer1
Richard Dreyfuss Movies 277by CRAZY DAVE2
American Actresses: Anne Bancroftby Rumpleteazer1
Jack Nicholsonby CRAZY DAVE7
Groucho Marx Movies 289by CRAZY DAVE1
Julie Christie Movies 167by CRAZY DAVE1
Natalie Wood Movies 208by CRAZY DAVE1
British Actresses: Audrey Hepburnby Rumpleteazer1
Favourite Movie Quotesby Rumpleteazer2
James Cagney Movies 55by CRAZY DAVE3
Clark Gable Movies 84by CRAZY DAVE2
Gettysburg Film by tabbilev2
Top Films: Toy Storyby Rumpleteazer7
Top Films: The Godfatherby Rumpleteazer1
Top Films: Alienby Rumpleteazer1
Lindsay Lohan Movies 288by CRAZY DAVE2
Joan Fontaine Movies 182by CRAZY DAVE3