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Star Wars Episodesby Geographonic142
Cartoons-crtani filmoviby Patrik Tokić3,133
Animated Moviesby MrT3,403
Top Films: Aliensby Rumpleteazer21
Star Wars Triviaby Rip116
Cate Blanchett Movies 186by CRAZY DAVE6
Movies, Characters, and Directorsby David1,720
Bob Hoskins Movies 153by CRAZY DAVE13
Shirley Temple Movies 114by CRAZY DAVE12
British Actors: Cary Grantby Rumpleteazer4
Favourite Movie Quotes 2by Rumpleteazer18
Disney - Charactersby timpat61
“The Lord of the Rings” Charactersby keyzer3,621
Lee Van Cleef Movies 282by CRAZY DAVE36
Lego at the movies - Part Iby Constantia2,694
War Movies (Other)by Rumpleteazer17
Horror Moviesby King Attz3,357
Ingrid Bergman Movies 191by CRAZY DAVE49
Johnny Depp Movies 120by CRAZY DAVE12
Film Starsby CoolDudeMikey3,242
Movie Quotesby megahoch86
Famous Movie Duos Matchingby Avex173
Where's my Pillow - Monsters on the Movie screenby Constantia14
Star Wars Characters.by Dal85
Movies starring Leonardo diCaprioby Geographonic1
Book to Movie/TV adaptations (5)by Milly1
Top Films: The Good, the Bad and the Uglyby Rumpleteazer1
Animated Movies - Lady and the Trampby Milly3
Top Films: American Beautyby Rumpleteazer1
American Actors: Robin Williamsby Rumpleteazer4
Clint Eastwood Movies 26by CRAZY DAVE4
Film History IIby Constantia1
PIXAR FILMSby emili2
The Wizard Of Ozby CRAZY DAVE8
Sigourney Weaver Movies 248by CRAZY DAVE11
Bridget Fonda Movies 273by CRAZY DAVE8
Marisa Pavan's Academy Award nominated roleby Medellin1
Favourite Movie Quotesby Rumpleteazer10
Sean Penn Movies 132by CRAZY DAVE7
Jean-Claude Van Damme Movies 162by CRAZY DAVE7