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Sounds of English: short/long vowel /U/ /u:/by acLiLtocLiMB22
Basic Greetings & Goodbyes in Spanishby dejjaidali3,161
Nicaragua: 3.000 evacuados por explosión de volcánby Peto54
Colours in Germanby Niklas6,372
Colours in Norwegianby Niklas2
Months of the year in Frenchby CRAZY DAVE217
die deutschen Farbenby fraudooley146
African Languages and Familiesby tickman17
Clothing (Spanish)by Peto297
Languages of Switzerlandby Geographonic1
Spanish Family Members Quizby mrsright0325373
Days of the week in Danishby CRAZY DAVE153
Spanish Subject Pronounsby amber.jensen6,748
Colours in Croatianby Niklas22
Spanish Body Parts Quizby mrsright0325300
Arabic. In the kitchen 2by angelsbc260
Spanish Numbersby bode15953
Classroom Objects in Spanishby showcase332657
Interrogatives ( Spanish )by Peto561
Colors in Russian, Russian lettersby Niklas14
Beginning German Vocabularyby msausser735
Obst auf Deutschby Germanjoe94
die deutschen Körperteileby fraudooley186
Find 10 Wordsby Ronald334,314
Spanish affir. and negative wordsby Peto71
Colors in Limburgian / Kleure in 't Limburgsby Snavelaar1
Colors in Swedish (färgerna)by FamRom2
Romanian Clockby Niklas1
Emotional Statesby evelynmh24
The Goodbye Gameby Oneilsnh1
Russian Green Vegetablesby Dalkeith1
Idioms 23 (Potato Pies)by acLiLtocLiMB3
Spanish Subject Pronounsby dejjaidali30
Body parts ( French )by Peto46
Alwaanby famisamis33
Swedish Numbersby famisamis5
Merry Christmas in Different Languagesby KENOR2
Prepositions 'where is the ball?'by nesecambaz13
ASL Numbers 1 - 10by ktreenbean1324
Idioms 5 (Animals Elephant - Flea)by acLiLtocLiMB2