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The highest rated games on PurposeGames this month

The States of the USAby David70,406
The Countries of Africaby David33,831
The Western Statesby Duncanma9,028
The Countries of Europe Quizby David37,390
Midwestern Statesby Rosiepadosie12,627
The Countries of Asiaby David19,049
The Capitals of the USAby David3,989
The Countries of South Americaby David7,090
Australia and Pacific Realm Physical 2015by bmfannon2,156
Countries of the Worldby Doffa32,354
Spanish Speaking Countriesby study12317,679
Canadian Provinces Quizby Doffa26,586
Australia and Pacific Realm Political 2015by bmfannon2,030
WWII Pacific Mapby C Lew2,143
Central America and Caribbean Countriesby bmurphy4,261
Continentsby Doffa11,853
Civil War States Mapby bmurphy3,428
Middle East Political Mapby Mr. Peake2,647
Africa Physical Geographyby bmfannon1,695
Midwest States and Capitalsby paramol20657
Non-sovereign Semi-enclavesby Geographonic94
SW Asia (Physical Map)by Mr. Peake1,674
US Southeast Region States and Capitalsby MrsSBaker1,561
35 Most Populous Countries of the Worldby Doffa353
Mountain Ranges of Europeby Niklas143
The Countries of Oceaniaby Niklas7,694
13 Colonies Quizby C Lew9,185
Southwest Asia (Middle East) Political Country Quizby wpmrock1,534
The 50 States of the United States Labeling Interactiveby teacherrojas3,055
Spanish Speaking Country Capitalsby HazzaBoo1,252
The Pacific Oceanby Geographonic166
Map of Flags : Europeby Geographonic6
PVMS Africa1by pozolch1,018
States of Germany (Bundesländer)by Niklas1,419
Mountain Ranges of North Americaby Niklas64
State Abbreviationsby ham1997691
Northeastern Statesby vixen6,318
Pennsylvania Countiesby rmcclelland945
The Realm of New Zealandby Pannonicus19
Wyoming Countiesby pnieters189