Highest Rated Games

The highest rated games on PurposeGames this year

How is Your Memory?by David11,838
Name the Colorby boben8,497
Microsoft Word Ribbonsby Profesora20,915
What's Your IQ?by David6,180
Name That Color - Againby boben4,938
How Fast Can You Click?by LittleAtomicPotato2,191
How Fast Can You Type?by David5,865
How Lucky are you?by fabianruiz2,321
Are you smarter than a 5th grader?by mrbubbles43,561
Le mans 48 dots raceby fabianruiz44,660
Can you see the hidden message in these logos? by SharifProvoste1,471
Microsoft PowerPoint Ribbonsby Profesora6,428
The Worlds Ten Easiest Questionsby mfjames1,225
Eagle's Sight Upgraded!by fabianruiz45,743
U.S. Army Enlisted Ranksby CadetLau4,925
Passed the eye test?by Constantia34,822
Can you see the hidden message again? by SharifProvoste374
Albums Queenby Geographonic141
Disney Princessesby Janica859
Famous Volcanic Necks and Plugsby Geographonic137
Impossible quizby RRGeneral969
Republican or Democrat?by Ronald33266
Famous Hats (part 1)by ktreenbean13750
Game | Animals producing Ivory and Keratinby Geographonic48
Name these Hand Toolsby Nandakumar56
Australian Animalsby Niklas415
Car Logos v2by Niklas62,946
Landscapes of Omanby Geographonic29
Falkland Islands Flagby Geographonic62
Horse anatomy!by purplerockz6189311,837
Liechtenstein Flagby Geographonic171
The rumination tract of a goatby dairy goat lover43
Top 10 items found in oceans plastic soupby Geographonic75
Just give it your name - Inventionsby Constantia36,085
Roman Numerals, Scrambledby Niklas634
National Flags of Europeby famisamis1,196
Nicaragua Flagby Geographonic56
Where's Waldo?by ktreenbean13149
Hamburgby dmitri59
Amazing waterfalls around the Worldby Geographonic21