Highest Rated Games

The highest rated games on PurposeGames this year

The States of the USAby David803,985
The Countries of Europe Quizby David490,639
The Countries of Africaby David393,623
Microscope Labeling Gameby sloanescience271,170
The Countries of Asiaby David204,377
The 50 States of the United States Labeling Interactiveby teacherrojas22,113
Spanish Speaking Countriesby study123461,609
13 Colonies Quizby C Lew231,211
The Countries of South Americaby David84,782
Midwestern Statesby Rosiepadosie98,255
How is Your Memory?by David10,855
Countries of the Worldby Doffa335,243
Southwest Asia (Middle East) Political Country Quizby wpmrock21,387
Frames world mapby benjy.frame1,405
The Western Statesby Duncanma53,770
The Capitals of the USAby David36,529
Canadian Provinces Quizby Doffa307,671
The Countries of Europe 1914by Niklas87,476
Continentsby Doffa130,761
NFL Team Logosby fabianruiz75,560
Europe Physical Map Quizby lizzilla9722,043
Name the Colorby boben9,586
Northeastern Statesby vixen96,402
Can You Name the Great Lakes?by jmacadoo36,991
The Human Skullby tickman130,170
30 countriesby benjy.frame1,844
What's Your IQ?by David5,035
Southeastern Statesby CrazyMonkey110,684
Country Capitalsby benjy.frame1,068
Continents and Oceansby GeoTeach36,940
The Countries of Oceaniaby Niklas77,592
Utah Countiesby Carsen36,096
Cloud Typesby Sunny176,144
Layers of the Earthby avinash09125,585
Central America and Caribbean Countriesby bmurphy25,790
Planets & Dwarf Planets (Slide Game)by tickman1,927
Latin America Physical Mapby Mr. Salyers2,072
The Capitals of Europeby David58,897
State Abbreviationsby ham19977,445
South Asia: Politicalby bowermanb4,434