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  1. Geography of 2nd Bachillerato

    Geography of 2nd Bachillerato

    Group Credo Viva la Pessssssca
    20 members
    Hosted by Mr. Espeso, started 2 years ago
    Link to group: /group/geography-of-2nd-bachillerato

    Something descriptive about the purpose of the group.

  2. HGAP Map

    HGAP Map

    Group Credo Just map memorizing!
    39 members
    Hosted by tanviisgood, started 11 months ago
    Link to group: /group/hgap-map

    Memorize the maps-it's an easy way to get points.

  3. Top 5 Lebag Daily

    Top 5 Lebag Daily

    Group Credo The Lebag top 5 is a daily thing!
    33 members
    Hosted by Lebag, started 12 months ago
    Link to group: /group/top-5-lebag-daily

    We play the Lebag top 5 Pointless Games in tournaments ev...