Hey! I'm Julie, I'm 14 and in Illinois. I LOVE volleyball, friend, family, and most impotently God . Follow me and ill follow back! <3

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  1. Dal's Gaming Emporium

    Dal's Gaming Emporium

    Group Credo To learn and have fun!
    385 members
    Hosted by Dal, started 11 years ago
    Link to group: /group/dals-gaming-emporium_

    Welcome everyone! This group will feature topics that ar...

  2. Star Wars fans

    Star Wars fans

    Group Credo
    10 members
    Hosted by kitfisto10, started 10 years ago
    Link to group: /group/star-wars-fans

    Star wars rules!!! This group is a Star Wars fan club. ...

  3. Math Olympiad

    Math Olympiad

    Group Credo
    6 members
    Hosted by rachel.dean00, started 7 years ago
    Link to group: /group/math-olympiad

    Math olympiad members can talk to each other and have fn ...

  4. Entertainment


    Group Credo
    30 members
    Hosted by The easter bunny, started 9 years ago
    Link to group: /group/entertainment

    Fun entertaiment Games , or some random ones

  5. Funny House!!

    Funny House!!

    Group Credo Its about fun and messages!!
    6 members
    Hosted by G-girl as MPm tyw!, started 8 years ago
    Link to group: /group/funny-house

    Come and get into the super silly things we do!!!!!!!!! *...

  6. awesom


    Group Credo nothing
    3 members
    Hosted by amphibian, started 9 years ago
    Link to group: /group/awesom

    Write something descriptive about the purpose of the grou...