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Who Wrote it? (14)by Milly181
Great Books 1by blartyfast84
George Orwell Booksby CRAZY DAVE73
Russian-language writersby antonio-epc67
Writers: Where were they born? (2)by Milly61
Jane Austen Booksby CRAZY DAVE57
Some authors I likeby paulfunI56
Famous Women Writers from Historyby Pannonicus54
Harry Potter Charactersby henrs53
Latin American Literature (1) Authors by countryby antonio-epc49
10 Ancient Greek Writersby upat12349
Portuguese and Brazilian Writersby antonio-epc48
Famous Medieval Authorsby Pannonicus48
French and Francophone Writers (born before 1890)by antonio-epc46
Jackie Collins Booksby CRAZY DAVE45
Famous Serbians-writersby Milly44
YA books: Authors of the original seriesby Milly43
American writers 1 (born before 1910)by antonio-epc41
American writers 2 (born after 1910)by antonio-epc40
Today's Male Thriller Authorsby sven-the-man239
Historical Figures: Charles Dickensby Rumpleteazer39
European newspapers (logos)by antonio-epc38
Nordic writersby antonio-epc38
German-language writers (born before 1890)by antonio-epc38
Writers: Where were they born? by Milly30
British Children's Authorsby Rumpleteazer28
Missing Animals in Booksby Rumpleteazer25
Missing Colours in Booksby Rumpleteazer22
John Grisham Booksby CRAZY DAVE21
Who wrote it?(8)by Milly20
Excerpts from poems - who wrote it?by Milly16
British Female Writers 19th Centuryby Rumpleteazer14
Agatha Christie Booksby CRAZY DAVE13
Missing Numbers in Booksby Rumpleteazer12
The International Phonetic Alphabetby Mark Prizmic12
Harry Potter Booksby Superboy10012
Shakespeare Character Matchingby Rumpleteazer12
H.G. Wells vs Jules Verneby ollipo11
Fix the spelling!by Kaitron10111