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Colours in Germanby Niklas70,833
Find 10 Wordsby Ronald3349,053
Spanish Subject Pronounsby amber.jensen25,731
English slangby Aasa20,845
Spanish: Know Your Preterite vs. Imperfectby lalalalayay17,304
Basic Greetings & Goodbyes in Spanishby dejjaidali12,078
House - La casa (Spanish vocabulary)by Peto9,541
Los Coloresby famisamis9,097
Spanish Numbersby bode158,555
Let's Count to 20 in German!by kcoutlaw7,804
Interrogatives ( Spanish )by Peto7,065
Spanish Family Members Quizby mrsright03256,206
Las estaciones y el tiempoby pwgren5,781
Spanish Body Parts Quizby mrsright03255,596
French Numbers (1-20)by upat1234,911
Spanish - Basic Colorsby ecfegler4,775
Chinese Colorsby Niklas4,471
French Numbersby famisamis4,093
Prepositions (Spanish vocabulary)by Peto4,061
Weather in Spanishby Peto4,009
Spanish Body Partsby ncaa2005champs3,772
German rooms in a houseby Germanjoe3,713
The Aleph, Bet - The Hebrew Alphabetby nsilverstein3,094
German Numbers / Zahlen auf Deutschby kcoutlaw2,959
Spanish Numbers 1-20by typoxkillo2,738
die deutschen Körperteileby fraudooley2,593
Los Colores (Spanish Colors)by cricket772,550
Japanese Numbersby famisamis2,108
Giving Directions in Germanby Germanjoe2,049
Greek Alphabet, capital lettersby Niklas1,983
Spanish affir. and negative wordsby Peto1,777
Spanish Seasons Quizby mrsright03251,666
A French Houseby Peto1,636
Clothing (Spanish Vocabulary)by Peto1,616
Colors in Frenchby Poloazer1,571
Spanish Subject Pronounsby dejjaidali1,558
The Russian Alphabetby bobbysmokes1,553
Halloween Nightby dot591,512
Obst auf Deutschby Germanjoe1,502
A Spanish Familyby greatholland1,400