Playlists: Language

Time in Spanish
Time in SpanishECby sra.hogue4,308 plays7 games
INGLÉ UlisesYo📓4,188 plays45 games
Polish adjectives
Polish adjectivesby MowPoPolsku3,907 plays32 games
LinguaLatinaby agamador3,735 plays15 games
Norwegian Language
Norwegian Languageby Alcyone3,399 plays14 games
Polish culture
Polish cultureECby MowPoPolsku3,390 plays19 games
French 1
French 1ECby jpiittmann3,211 plays13 games
Random Literature Quizzes
Random Literature Quizzesby Estel2,717 plays15 games
Por UlisesYo📓2,684 plays78 games
Latin Games
Latin Gamesby Sir Reginald2,679 plays13 games
French Linguistics
French LinguisticsECby M and M2,653 plays20 games
El hombre azul
El hombre azulby lopezelena2,531 plays3 games
Aubuchon Spanish 1
Aubuchon Spanish 1ECby maubuchon2,515 plays16 games
fun language games
fun language gamesby Bethbroccoli2,486 plays18 games
Högskoleprovet ORD
Högskoleprovet ORDby Jonas2,367 plays15 games
Animals ind German
Animals ind Germanby papitu742,284 plays21 games
Spanish II Ser vs. Estar
Spanish II Ser vs. Estarby llhand2,233 plays9 games
Polish verbs
Polish verbsby MowPoPolsku2,216 plays11 games
La niña y la abuela
La niña y la abuelaby lopezelena2,186 plays2 games
German basics
German basicsby Math Whiz1,975 plays13 games
German II topics
German II topicsby mskaleelsclass1,937 plays28 games
The Jinmeiyō Kanji
The Jinmeiyō Kanjiby Vampnado1,865 plays88 games
AlmitaECby lopezelena1,838 plays4 games
GreekECby a. stoner1,833 plays8 games
La Danza de los Muertos
La Danza de los Muertosby lopezelena1,828 plays2 games
Tthe Cyrillic Alphabet
Tthe Cyrillic Alphabetby a. stoner1,808 plays10 games

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