Waterways and Coasts in EuropeEC

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Find features around European waterways.

Gulf of Botnia
Gulf of Botnia by Niklas 291 plays 21p Image Quiz
Baltic Sea, Subdivisions
Baltic Sea, Subdivisions by Niklas 464 plays 16p Image Quiz
Baltic Sea, Cities/Towns
Baltic Sea, Cities/Towns by Niklas 323 plays 37p Image Quiz
Öresund by Niklas 270 plays 23p Image Quiz
Kattegat by Niklas 289 plays 28p Image Quiz
Skagerrak by Niklas 310 plays 19p Image Quiz
North Sea
North Sea by Niklas 319 plays 27p Image Quiz
Norwegian Sea
Norwegian Sea by Niklas 487 plays 15p Image Quiz
Waters Surrounding the British Isles
Waters Surrounding the British Isles by Niklas 584 plays 23p Image Quiz
English Channel (La Manche)
English Channel (La Manche) by Niklas 999 plays 32p Image Quiz
Bay of Biscay
Bay of Biscay by Niklas 1,027 plays 19p Image Quiz
Coast of Spain
Coast of Spain by Niklas 2,352 plays 14p Image Quiz
Waterways in the Mediterranean Sea
Waterways in the Mediterranean Sea by Niklas 423 plays 37p Image Quiz
The Riviera
The Riviera by Niklas 329 plays 28p Image Quiz
Adriatic Sea
Adriatic Sea by Niklas 367 plays 27p Image Quiz
Eastern Mediterranean Sea
Eastern Mediterranean Sea by Niklas 232 plays 34p Image Quiz

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