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anatomy of this region

prostate by aha65 68 plays 14p Image Quiz
hepatic ligaments
hepatic ligaments by aha65 8 plays 11p Image Quiz
arcuate line and fascia
arcuate line and fascia by aha65 35 plays 16p Image Quiz
abdominal and thoracolumbar fascia
abdominal and thoracolumbar fascia by aha65 39 plays 12p Image Quiz
abdominal fascia layers
abdominal fascia layers by aha65 46 plays 10p Image Quiz
cardiac veins
cardiac veins by aha65 136 plays 7p Image Quiz
pericardium by aha65 10 plays 11p Image Quiz
lungs medial view
lungs medial view by aha65 65 plays 13p Image Quiz
lungs lateral view
lungs lateral view by aha65 760 plays 10p Image Quiz
lumbosacral plexus in situ
lumbosacral plexus in situ by aha65 61 plays 9p Image Quiz
sacral and pudendal plexus
sacral and pudendal plexus by aha65 52 plays 20p Image Quiz
lumbosacral plexus
lumbosacral plexus by aha65 106 plays 15p Image Quiz
internal iliac artery branches
internal iliac artery branches by aha65 1,015 plays 14p Image Quiz
celiac trunk
celiac trunk by aha65 34 plays 17p Image Quiz
SMA and IMA branches
SMA and IMA branches by aha65 138 plays 15p Image Quiz

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