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Test your musical talent with diagrams of instruments and more!

French Horn Diagram
French Horn Diagram by Clubstuenzi 28 plays 16p Image Quiz
Guitar Diagram(Simple)
Guitar Diagram(Simple) by Clubstuenzi 24 plays 10p Image Quiz
Trumpet Diagram
Trumpet Diagram by Clubstuenzi 27 plays 17p Image Quiz
Snare Drum Diagram
Snare Drum Diagram by Clubstuenzi 209 plays 8p Image Quiz
Diagram Of The Flute
Diagram Of The Flute by Clubstuenzi 31 plays 8p Image Quiz
Clarinet Diagram
Clarinet Diagram by Clubstuenzi 60 plays 8p Image Quiz
Trombone Diagram
Trombone Diagram by Clubstuenzi 20 plays 8p Image Quiz
Tenor Saxophone Diagram
Tenor Saxophone Diagram by Clubstuenzi 15 plays 15p Image Quiz

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1 MajaNikolina 3 of 8 71% 3:49.1 m. 30 Mar, '16
2 Kaitlin Feldhus 1 of 8 100% 0:06.4 m. 9 May, '19
3 chemnerd3000 1 of 8 33% 0:09.2 m. 7 Mar, '16
4 Esterka 1 of 8 0% 0:03.5 m. 27 Oct, '16

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