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Hitta städer, älvar, sjöar mm i sveriges län.

(Find cities, rivers, lakes etc in the Swedish counties.)

Sweden, Counties and their Capitals
Sweden, Counties and their Capitals by Niklas 609 plays 42p Image Quiz
Blekinge län
Blekinge län by Niklas 171 plays 14p Image Quiz
Dalarnas län
Dalarnas län by Niklas 229 plays 21p Image Quiz
Gotlands län
Gotlands län by Niklas 188 plays 7p Image Quiz
Gävleborgs län
Gävleborgs län by Niklas 176 plays 13p Image Quiz
Hallands län
Hallands län by Niklas 200 plays 15p Image Quiz
Jämtlands län
Jämtlands län by Niklas 161 plays 19p Image Quiz
Jönköpings län
Jönköpings län by Niklas 326 plays 25p Image Quiz
Kalmar län
Kalmar län by Niklas 183 plays 17p Image Quiz
Kronobergs län
Kronobergs län by Niklas 142 plays 18p Image Quiz
Norrbottens län
Norrbottens län by Niklas 454 plays 28p Image Quiz
Skåne län
Skåne län by Niklas 217 plays 31p Image Quiz
Stockholms län
Stockholms län by Niklas 269 plays 23p Image Quiz
Södermanlands län
Södermanlands län by Niklas 157 plays 19p Image Quiz
Uppsala län
Uppsala län by Niklas 172 plays 13p Image Quiz
Värmlands län
Värmlands län by Niklas 201 plays 20p Image Quiz
Västerbottens län
Västerbottens län by Niklas 116 plays 21p Image Quiz
Västernorrlands län
Västernorrlands län by Niklas 170 plays 16p Image Quiz
Västmanlands län
Västmanlands län by Niklas 185 plays 15p Image Quiz
Västra Götalands län
Västra Götalands län by Niklas 221 plays 37p Image Quiz
Örebro län
Örebro län by Niklas 166 plays 18p Image Quiz
Östergötlands län
Östergötlands län by Niklas 147 plays 23p Image Quiz
Cities/Towns in Sweden
Cities/Towns in Sweden by Niklas 1,335 plays 59p Image Quiz

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2 Jonas 6 of 23 100% 1:57.4 m. 9 Mar, '17
3 Niklas 4 of 23 83% 19:50.9 m. 19 Oct, '19
4 sral 3 of 23 100% 4:11.0 m. 4 Mar, '16
5 nissonic 1 of 23 100% 0:08.3 m. 8 Feb, '18

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