Spring Midterms 2017

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Combot games for Spring 2017
Class of 2020

The Liver
The Liver by mcnugget28 1,576 plays 13p Image Quiz
Blood Clotting
Blood Clotting by mcnugget28 1,384 plays 8p Image Quiz
More Hepatic Stuff
More Hepatic Stuff by mcnugget28 821 plays 4p Image Quiz
Prothrombin & Warfarin
Prothrombin & Warfarin by mcnugget28 1,323 plays 6p Image Quiz
Trauma to the Tooth
Trauma to the Tooth by mcnugget28 1,098 plays 11p Image Quiz
Clotting Pathways
Clotting Pathways by mcnugget28 738 plays 8p Image Quiz
hematopoiesis by lynettsl 3,694 plays 28p Image Quiz
hematopoiesis by lynettsl 4,263 plays 11p Image Quiz
hematopoiesis by lynettsl 3,900 plays 14p Image Quiz
The Pancreas
The Pancreas by mcnugget28 2,078 plays 14p Image Quiz
Different cell types
Different cell types by mcnugget28 897 plays 5p Image Quiz
The Liver is Importante
The Liver is Importante by mcnugget28 807 plays 19p Image Quiz
More Liver Stuff
More Liver Stuff by mcnugget28 937 plays 15p Image Quiz
More liver
More liver by mcnugget28 550 plays 5p Image Quiz
Blood Flow Through Liver
Blood Flow Through Liver by mcnugget28 1,075 plays 5p Image Quiz
Bilirubin & RBC
Bilirubin & RBC by mcnugget28 891 plays 9p Image Quiz
Spleen by mcnugget28 935 plays 5p Image Quiz
More Spleen
More Spleen by mcnugget28 823 plays 12p Image Quiz
More Teeth
More Teeth by mcnugget28 2,053 plays 9p Image Quiz
Antibody Structure
Antibody Structure by mcnugget28 2,608 plays 9p Image Quiz
Teeth Teeth Teeth
Teeth Teeth Teeth by mcnugget28 321 plays 12p Image Quiz
UGH liver
UGH liver by mcnugget28 797 plays 8p Image Quiz
LIVeeeRRRr by mcnugget28 684 plays 10p Image Quiz
lungs by mcnugget28 834 plays 13p Image Quiz
Spleen Histology
Spleen Histology by mcnugget28 723 plays 5p Image Quiz
Cough Mechanism
Cough Mechanism by mcnugget28 828 plays 9p Image Quiz
The Lungs
The Lungs by mcnugget28 637 plays 3p Image Quiz
More Lung Anatomy
More Lung Anatomy by mcnugget28 867 plays 7p Image Quiz
HPS by mcnugget28 669 plays 5p Image Quiz
Liver Disease
Liver Disease by mcnugget28 681 plays 4p Image Quiz
Hepatitis C Virus Life Cycle
Hepatitis C Virus Life Cycle by mcnugget28 1,222 plays 11p Image Quiz
Progression to Hep B Infection
Progression to Hep B Infection by mcnugget28 681 plays 3p Image Quiz
Coughing Stages
Coughing Stages by mcnugget28 654 plays 4p Image Quiz
Abdomen Regions
Abdomen Regions by mcnugget28 523 plays 9p Image Quiz
Thrombopoeisis by mcnugget28 736 plays 5p Image Quiz
Diabetes Stuff
Diabetes Stuff by mcnugget28 858 plays 5p Image Quiz
Histology of the pancreas
Histology of the pancreas by mcnugget28 925 plays 4p Image Quiz
Portal Triad Histo
Portal Triad Histo by mcnugget28 796 plays 5p Image Quiz
Pancreas Histo
Pancreas Histo by mcnugget28 664 plays 4p Image Quiz
Anatomy of Respiratory Membrane
Anatomy of Respiratory Membrane by mcnugget28 764 plays 9p Image Quiz
Erythropoeisis by mcnugget28 748 plays 13p Image Quiz
Respiratory Zone Anatomy
Respiratory Zone Anatomy by mcnugget28 653 plays 6p Image Quiz
Lung Anatomy
Lung Anatomy by mcnugget28 599 plays 10p Image Quiz
Glucose Regulation
Glucose Regulation by mcnugget28 512 plays 8p Image Quiz
Type II Diabetes
Type II Diabetes by mcnugget28 473 plays 6p Image Quiz
HCV Infection
HCV Infection by mcnugget28 776 plays 3p Image Quiz
GTT by mcnugget28 460 plays 5p Image Quiz
Type I Diabetes
Type I Diabetes by mcnugget28 354 plays 5p Image Quiz

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1 verooka1 74 of 74 100% 17:22.1 m. 8 Mar, '19
2 mmcafee 74 of 74 100% 37:03.1 m. 5 Mar, '20
3 barbaaron 74 of 74 99% 25:20.6 m. 8 Mar, '19
4 ostrowdds 74 of 74 98% 40:35.5 m. 8 Mar, '19
5 The Cre8tor 73 of 74 100% 27:33.5 m. 8 Mar, '19
6 biomemetics_69 73 of 74 99% 18:03.5 m. 1 Mar, '18
7 blooperfish 73 of 74 99% 29:03.2 m. 6 Mar, '20
8 dntst 72 of 74 100% 11:00.1 m. 1 Mar, '17

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