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KFC Twenty/20 Big Bash Teams
KFC Twenty/20 Big Bash Teams by djskilled 3 44 plays 8p Image Quiz
KFC Twenty/20 Big Bash Logos
KFC Twenty/20 Big Bash Logos by djskilled 3 65 plays 11p Shape Quiz
Test Cricket Playing Teams
Test Cricket Playing Teams by TS7 87 plays 10p Image Quiz
Indoor Cricket Court
Indoor Cricket Court by GJBrys 74 plays 22p Image Quiz
Cricket World Cup Winners 1975-2011
Cricket World Cup Winners 1975-2011 by TS7 76 plays 5p Image Quiz
Australian Cricket Team
Australian Cricket Team by djskilled 3 123 plays 5p Image Quiz
Sri Lankan Cricketers
Sri Lankan Cricketers by djskilled 3 118 plays 6p Shape Quiz
2011 Cricket World Cup - Teams
2011 Cricket World Cup - Teams by Sab 136 plays 17p Image Quiz
Cricket Field Positions
Cricket Field Positions by Hayden_003 75 plays 32p Image Quiz
2010 Ashes Cricket grounds
2010 Ashes Cricket grounds by awst 249 plays 5p Image Quiz
afl/australian cricket grounds
afl/australian cricket grounds by shadow 202 plays 10p Image Quiz
Multiple-choice cricket questions
Multiple-choice cricket questions by NDsuper 361 plays 5p Multiple-Choice
Cricket National Logos
Cricket National Logos by GJBrys 427 plays 14p Image Quiz
International cricket
International cricket by smeagleman 97 plays 5p Multiple-Choice
Cricket Umpire Signals
Cricket Umpire Signals by Hayden_003 997 plays 12p Shape Quiz
Test Cricket: India Records
Test Cricket: India Records by Rumpleteazer 57 plays 18p Image Quiz
Test Cricket: Australia Records
Test Cricket: Australia Records by Rumpleteazer 222 plays 18p Image Quiz
Test Cricket: Pakistan Records
Test Cricket: Pakistan Records by Rumpleteazer 68 plays 18p Image Quiz
Test Cricket: England Records
Test Cricket: England Records by Rumpleteazer 128 plays 18p Image Quiz

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3 Pacman234 4 of 20 100% 1:05.2 m. 11 Apr, '20
4 Hayden_003 1 of 20 100% 0:04.3 m. 6 Nov, '14
5 Isaac Riegel 1 of 20 100% 0:09.5 m. 19 Apr, '22

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