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Tickman's games on South America

Gran Colombia (SG)
Gran Colombia (SG) ECby tickman 470 plays 13p Shape Quiz
Gran Colombia
Gran Colombia by tickman 236 plays 15p Image Quiz
Capital or Not: South America
Capital or Not: South America by tickman 839 plays 47p Image Quiz
The Pan-American Highway
The Pan-American Highway by tickman 263 plays 30p Image Quiz
Disemvoweled South America
Disemvoweled South America by tickman 244 plays 29p Image Quiz
The Missing Map: States of Brazil
The Missing Map: States of Brazil ECby tickman 519 plays 26p Image Quiz
Vegetation of Brazil
Vegetation of Brazil by tickman 501 plays 9p Image Quiz
Anagrammed South America
Anagrammed South America by tickman 348 plays 29p Image Quiz
Fossil Sites of South America
Fossil Sites of South America by tickman 92 plays 12p Image Quiz
Independence Days -South America
Independence Days -South America by tickman 104 plays 24p Image Quiz
Anagrammed S. American Capitals
Anagrammed S. American Capitals by tickman 110 plays 29p Image Quiz
Disemvoweled S. American Capitals
Disemvoweled S. American Capitals ECby tickman 220 plays 27p Image Quiz
Floral Emblems (South America)
Floral Emblems (South America) by tickman 60 plays 14p Image Quiz
Symbolic Animals: South America
Symbolic Animals: South America by tickman 140 plays 15p Image Quiz

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2 W.dimola 3 of 16 100% 1:22.7 m. 19 Oct, '21
3 Geographonic 3 of 16 81% 2:21.1 m. 27 Feb, '22
4 Radi Laszlo 2 of 16 100% 2:43.9 m. 5 Aug, '19
5 Medellin 1 of 16 100% 0:16.6 m. 18 Oct, '12
6 Milly 1 of 16 100% 0:58.0 m. 29 Aug, '14
7 josquin 1 of 16 100% 2:25.0 m. 12 Jun, '19

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