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The Wizard Of Oz
The Wizard Of Oz ECby CRAZY DAVE 697 plays 8p Image Quiz
Betting odds  #2
Betting odds #2 by CRAZY DAVE 383 plays 10p Image Quiz
Betting Odds
Betting Odds by CRAZY DAVE 404 plays 10p Image Quiz
Steve Jobs v Barack Obama
Steve Jobs v Barack Obama by CRAZY DAVE 179 plays 3p Shape Quiz
Muhammad Ali Stamps
Muhammad Ali Stamps by CRAZY DAVE 301 plays 7p Shape Quiz
Iceland v England
Iceland v England by CRAZY DAVE 237 plays 3p Shape Quiz
English Football
English Football by CRAZY DAVE 402 plays 3p Shape Quiz
Snakes & Ladders
Snakes & Ladders by CRAZY DAVE 286 plays 20p Image Quiz
Spot The Difference
Spot The Difference by CRAZY DAVE 335 plays 3p Image Quiz
Movie Studio Logos
Movie Studio Logos ECby CRAZY DAVE 4,845 plays 16p Shape Quiz
Premiership Winners
Premiership Winners by CRAZY DAVE 238 plays 24p Text Game
Car Engine
Car Engine by CRAZY DAVE 513 plays 19p Image Quiz
Mary Poppins Actors & Characters
Mary Poppins Actors & Characters by CRAZY DAVE 241 plays 8p Image Quiz
T.V. Commercials U.K.
T.V. Commercials U.K. by CRAZY DAVE 432 plays 9p Shape Quiz
Iron Maiden Band Members
Iron Maiden Band Members by CRAZY DAVE 334 plays 6p Shape Quiz
The Jackson 5
The Jackson 5 ECby CRAZY DAVE 351 plays 6p Shape Quiz
Halloween Movies
Halloween Movies by CRAZY DAVE 297 plays 10p Shape Quiz
Big Ben
Big Ben by CRAZY DAVE 231 plays 4p Image Quiz
Bald Actors
Bald Actors by CRAZY DAVE 326 plays 15p Shape Quiz
Magicians by CRAZY DAVE 292 plays 10p Shape Quiz
Singers & their Backing Groups
Singers & their Backing Groups ECby CRAZY DAVE 313 plays 12p Matching Game
Singing Duos
Singing Duos by CRAZY DAVE 310 plays 9p Matching Game
Radio DJs
Radio DJs by CRAZY DAVE 266 plays 12p Shape Quiz
Match the DJs Names
Match the DJs Names by CRAZY DAVE 279 plays 12p Matching Game
Donald Trump Movies 403
Donald Trump Movies 403 by CRAZY DAVE 427 plays 7p Matching Game
Donald Trump TV Show Appearances
Donald Trump TV Show Appearances by CRAZY DAVE 491 plays 10p Matching Game
Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake by CRAZY DAVE 309 plays 5p Image Quiz
Presidents & Prime Ministers
Presidents & Prime Ministers by CRAZY DAVE 296 plays 12p Image Quiz
Trump What are we gonna do ?
Trump What are we gonna do ? by CRAZY DAVE 892 plays 10p Matching Game
Birds on British Stamps
Birds on British Stamps by CRAZY DAVE 306 plays 4p Shape Quiz
Star Signs
Star Signs by CRAZY DAVE 256 plays 12p Matching Game
Opposites by CRAZY DAVE 471 plays 12p Shape Quiz
What Car
What Car by CRAZY DAVE 585 plays 10p Image Quiz
Name The Actress
Name The Actress ECby CRAZY DAVE 406 plays 12p Image Quiz
T.V. Detectives
T.V. Detectives ECby CRAZY DAVE 489 plays 12p Image Quiz
ABBA by CRAZY DAVE 254 plays 4p Image Quiz
Music With Colorful titles
Music With Colorful titles by CRAZY DAVE 269 plays 12p Shape Quiz
Song Titles Names
Song Titles Names by CRAZY DAVE 417 plays 10p Matching Game
Singers. Bands. Colours.
Singers. Bands. Colours. by CRAZY DAVE 137 plays 16p Matching Game

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1 W.dimola 19 of 43 100% 3:34.0 m. 22 Sep, '21
2 lakris 14 of 43 100% 4:31.7 m. 1 Nov, '19
3 Raaacheeel 14 of 43 90% 4:29.5 m. 14 Feb, '19
4 ShamIock 12 of 43 100% 2:48.8 m. 5 Apr, '18
5 YeeT85 8 of 43 82% 4:21.4 m. 28 Feb, '20
6 hp24luver 7 of 43 100% 1:07.6 m. 20 Nov, '19
7 Kowf 7 of 43 100% 1:15.2 m. 4 Nov, '20
8 Radi Laszlo 6 of 43 100% 0:57.4 m. 5 Aug, '19

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