Régions pays Européens

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les provinces et régions des pays d'Europe

France, capitales de région
France, capitales de région by ollipo 146 plays 27p Matching Game
Germany, states and capitals
Germany, states and capitals by ollipo 202 plays 16p Matching Game
Italy, regions and capitals
Italy, regions and capitals by ollipo 66 plays 20p Matching Game
Austria states ans capitals
Austria states ans capitals by ollipo 163 plays 9p Matching Game
Poland provinces and capitals
Poland provinces and capitals by ollipo 15 plays 16p Matching Game
Counties of Ireland
Counties of Ireland by ollipo 27 plays 26p Matching Game
Spain, regions and capitals
Spain, regions and capitals by ollipo 37 plays 17p Matching Game
Belgique, provinces
Belgique, provinces by ollipo 64 plays 11p Matching Game
Nederland, provincie - hoofdstad / capital
Nederland, provincie - hoofdstad / capital by ollipo 110 plays 12p Matching Game
Suisse, cantons et chef-lieu
Suisse, cantons et chef-lieu by ollipo 40 plays 26p Matching Game
Nouvelles régions françaises, capitales
Nouvelles régions françaises, capitales by ollipo 115 plays 13p Matching Game
Denmark regions, Danmarks regioner
Denmark regions, Danmarks regioner by ollipo 64 plays 5p Matching Game
Cantons du Luxembourg
Cantons du Luxembourg by ollipo 39 plays 12p Matching Game
Czech Republic, regions and capitals
Czech Republic, regions and capitals by ollipo 21 plays 14p Matching Game
Scotland, council areas
Scotland, council areas by ollipo 31 plays 32p Matching Game
Northern Ireland, counties
Northern Ireland, counties by ollipo 74 plays 6p Matching Game
Portugal distritos and NUTS
Portugal distritos and NUTS by ollipo 37 plays 20p Matching Game
Bulgaria, provinces and NUTS
Bulgaria, provinces and NUTS by ollipo 12 plays 28p Matching Game
England regions
England regions ECby ollipo 62 plays 9p Matching Game
Finland, regions and capitals
Finland, regions and capitals by ollipo 42 plays 19p Matching Game
Counties of Lithuania
Counties of Lithuania by ollipo 15 plays 10p Matching Game
Statistical regions of Latvia
Statistical regions of Latvia by ollipo 47 plays 6p Matching Game
Counties of Estonia
Counties of Estonia by ollipo 14 plays 15p Matching Game
Regions of Hungary
Regions of Hungary by ollipo 96 plays 7p Matching Game
Counties of Hungary
Counties of Hungary by ollipo 28 plays 20p Matching Game
Counties of Croatia
Counties of Croatia by ollipo 10 plays 21p Matching Game
Counties of Sweden
Counties of Sweden by ollipo 23 plays 21p Matching Game

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