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Details for Nina Kenner 
Abdomen X-ray Anatomy100%0:24.9 min1 Jun, 2021
Elbow Xray100%0:47.6 min25 May, 2021
Grashey Shoulder X-Ray Anatomy100%0:09.9 min10 Jun, 2021
Shoulder Xray ssb92%0:31.7 min10 Jun, 2021
Elbow xray anatomy100%0:33.5 min1 Jun, 2021
hand xray anatomy94%2:21.1 min1 Jun, 2021
shoulder xray anatomy100%1:27.6 min10 Jun, 2021
lateral left foot xray100%0:22.2 min25 May, 2021
Lateral View - Left Foot100%0:21.2 min1 Jun, 2021
AP medial oblique right foot100%0:58.3 min27 May, 2021
Plantodorsal (axial) projection of calcaneus83%0:18.8 min1 Jun, 2021
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